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Today while I was at work the cat entertained herself by carrying a shoe into the bathroom.

It's been about three years since I did a new video in that series. I'm very selective with which coffees I choose for that. It has to be something where I think the product development process is informative in a way that I haven't covered previously in the series.

My next episode of Roast Profile Development is drafted. I still need to put together the visuals, edit the script, record, edit, &c but this should come together reasonably quickly. It's about the 2 coffees from Burundi I have right now and how you can use large differences in roast to better differentiate otherwise similar coffees in a product line.

Ordered another couple thousand pounds of coffee. It's not nearly enough, but that's what I could budget.

Was asked for advice on a side project. Suggested something that might give me an excuse to learn Lua.

One of the great tragedies of our time is that the words "discord" and "slack" have been taken over by dumb companies to use on their shitty closed chat apps.

#HailEris #PraiseBob

We know that Jake and Nog were big time dom-jot hustlers, but did we ever see a dom-jot table on DS9 or do we have to rely on our memory of TNG to know that it's like a cross between pool and pinball?

family, cancer 

I need to stop working late. I've done that for the past few days and I'll be doing that again today because the work needs to get done. At least I still have half of a giant sandwich left over from lunch so I don't have to worry about dinner.

Why do B2B companies keep thinking it's even remotely acceptable to take credit card information by non-encrypted email? Presumably there aren't enough businesses that realize just how terrible an idea that is.

Are you bread?

Are you bread?

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