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well this is a #startrek meme that absolutely has to be on mastodon

cw'd for eye contact

When I say that company doesn't know how packing material works, I mean it. Often times they don't bother with it, but I've also gotten shipments where the shipping box was filled with the breakable mugs lining the edge of the box with some paper to keep those from sliding around protected safely in the center where it does absolutely nothing to protect from impacts during shipping. At least they're good about crediting for breakage so I'm not paying for broken stuff.

More sloth mugs have been ordered. I don't know if they'll ship and if they do ship I don't know if they'll arrive in one piece (they come from that company that doesn't know how packing material works). There's still 1 left from the previous shipment.

Fedi has spoken. I'm also Ice Cream Kitty which brings that up to 50%. Surprised that Aristotle tied with the much cooler Chompy Picasso.

There's not much time left to declare in the poll which ninja turtle you are (see thread). So far the results are shaking out about where I'd expect.

re: @Gargron poll

For those who sensibly want explicit actions to move a video in toots somewhere instead of auto-crud on scroll, that already exists. Click the toot. It opens in the last column. You can play/stop the video there and you can carry on down your timeline without worry about getting back to the video or having that auto-anything'd.

Which ninja turtle are you? Take the poll.

Which ninja turtle are you? Take the poll.

Fixing machines is sometimes like a point and click adventure. The sensible and straightforward approach to the problem isn't immediately available so it's either MacGyver something that works well enough until a proper fix is possible or shut down and lose a ton of sales. I'm surprised at how well the temporary fix held up, but the machine is much nicer to use with a proper repair. While the temporary fix was in I also forbade anybody else using the machine, but now I can lift that restriction.

The alternative would have been roasting coffee on the lab roaster, getting about 6 pounds per hour (vs. closer to 75 pounds per hour max on the production machine). I'm glad things didn't come to that.

Last week Thursday part of the roaster failed (the plumber who put the part in a few months ago screwed something up, the original part lasted nearly 2 decades). Today the replacement part arrived and I successfully put that in myself (needed to buy a tool, the person at the hardware store was very helpful). For the days in between, I used a combination of items that were never intended to be used together to glue the broken part together well enough to work until the replacement part arrived.

I once asked a student how his cat was and he answered, "my cat is bad."

I thought I was done roasting coffee for the day, but then an order for another 25 pounds came in so

UPS tracking: Departure Scan
Me: Yeah!
UPS tracking 5 minutes later: Arrival Scan at the same place.
Me: So you loaded the box onto a truck, drove it around the block, and brought it back to the same place?

The recent shipment of sloth mugs is almost sold out. Only 1 sloth mug left. Will reorder if possible.

Saw fine print in a watch advertisement advising potential buyers to not operate the watch between 9PM and 3AM (if you do, the watch will break). This seems like a strange and oddly specific failure mode for a timepiece.

Dinner should probably have been for 2-3 people, but I don't know how to make it smaller and the cat doesn't go for human food so I'm just going to have to eat it.

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