Working late to roast more coffee. Maybe I'll use the gift certificate for the pizza place across the street instead of cooking.

@neal I'm having pizza tonight and I NEVER do this, so that means you should do it

@cardassianvole I'm thinking cheese, sausage, green pepper, and onion.

@neal I went with something similar -- cheese, sausage, olives, mushrooms, green pepper, spinach (perhaps too complex, yours sounds classic)

@cardassianvole I don't think the place across the street even offers spinach as a topping.

@neal I'm on the west coast so we're sort of awash in spinach here.

@cardassianvole Kind of wish I could get a place around here to offer Brazilian style dessert pizzas. There's no place around here to get chocolate pizza or banana pizza or (though this next one I never had in Brazil) chocolate banana pizza.

@cardassianvole I learned how to make the banana pizza on my 2nd trip there, but it requires a proper pizza oven (you don't want overbaked banana mush) which I don't own.

@neal It sounds amazing. How many times have you been to Brazil? Is it because you love it there, or another reason (business, family)?

@cardassianvole I've been, I think, 4 times now? I'm usually doing some kind of consulting or training gig (teaching people to roast coffee, for example).

@neal My country that I've been to more than any other is Germany. Because I love it! I think I've been 5 times so far?

@cardassianvole I haven't been there yet. Rest of my immediate family has.

@neal At Papa Murphys, where I got this pizza I am eating (take and bake) they seemed to have some kind of s'mores dessert pizza on offer

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