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I'm part owner and roaster at a little coffee company in Wisconsin. Author of Typica, a popular free program used to capture and work with coffee roasting production records that's used at roasting companies all over the world. Volunteer on the Roasters Guild education committee. Available for paid coffee consulting, training, open source software development. Living with a cat who broke into my house and decided to stay. Likes: cute, travel, food. Dislikes: blinking lights.

With a several day gap I got another update on the support ticket for my defective fan and I have to wonder if I'm being trolled.

The only American channel with news in the hotel room is Fox News. Fortunately the channel selection is decently global so there's superior European and Japanese alternatives available in English. Or there's the channel that's all KPop music videos. That's fine, too.

Cloudy and rainy, but I still managed to get sunburn.

Did some design work for the future of Typica that I'm feeling really good about. Still want to do some semi-functional mocks to get a better sense of if it's the improvement I think it should be.

Went to a little place that serves Indian street food still cooked street-side but with indoor seating, proper utensils, etc. (if you sit at the window you can people watch and watch the owner cook the food). It was good but I swear one of the pieces of music that played was sung around a melody from The Legend of Zelda (you know which one).

#inktober2018 A shy mothgirl. She’s trying her best to be a real cryptid one day

The mocha has a surprise scoop of ice cream at the bottom.

Nutella and berry pancakes for breakfast along with a single espresso and an iced mocha with way too much whipped cream.

Luggage didn't arrive on the same flight that I did so the airline delivered it to the hotel.

(by technically challenging I mean not currently a solved problem as told to me by a few people I know who have done good work to improve the situation in the past couple decades)

I should have made coffee before I left. Excellent coffee brewing in an airplane is technically challenging. At least once I'm on the ground I packed some of the new Kenyan coffee and a travel brew kit (Clever, filters, electric water heater, compact hand grinder). There's also a local roaster within walking distance of the hotel I'm staying at that I hear does a good job.

I thought I'd miss a phone meeting about classes at the event in April but it happened during my layover so I was able to jump in on that. We'll need lots of people helping as station instructors or class logistics support for the 8 roaster focused workshops that are happening. It looks like a solid lineup and I'll be interested to see what some of the newer classes are in more depth.

On the bright side, the gate for my connecting flight was in the same terminal and a short walk. I think the next flight feeds me, which is good as breakfast is wearing off.

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While in the air my sister sent a message showing that not only did System76 sit on mailing the part until it could not possibly arrive before I left, they also sent THE SAME WRONG PART.

Airport security was moving quickly today, though the person telling people what line to get in sent me to the one for uniformed military, which I am obviously not, so that was odd. The scanners always have a problem with my hair.

Came back to the shop to finish up a few final things, leave final instructions for staff. Would have done it earlier in the day but other stuff came up that I needed to work on instead. Now I'm just killing time while I wait for a database backup to finish.

Dropping the cat off with my sister. Cat thought she couldn't get out of the box on her own.