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I'm part owner and roaster at a little coffee company in Wisconsin. Author of Typica, a popular free program used to capture and work with coffee roasting production records that's used at roasting companies all over the world. Volunteer on the Roasters Guild education committee. Available for paid coffee consulting, training, open source software development. Living with a cat who broke into my house and decided to stay. Likes: cute, travel, food. Dislikes: blinking lights.

The cat thinks I should stop eating dinner and pet the cat instead.

Printed a bunch of CDC posters for the shop. There's one supposedly for middle schools that's pretty scary.

I'm thinking $20 is the right price for my shop.

Decided to take a look at what other shops were selling the coffee I'm currently tasting for and wow, it's all over the place. The first four roasters I checked had prices (different bag sizes, adjusted to per pound rates) ranging from $18.50 for something that's way too light (opinion) for this coffee up through $40, which seems a bit insane given that I know what they're paying for this. I won't be pricing it the cheapest, but it'll be on the lower side of that range for both medium and dark.

The new coffees from Yemen and Java along with Mocha Java Blend are now available to buy on the web site. Hopefully I'll be able to add the new coffee from Costa Rica tomorrow.

Silver polished. Figured I may as well just do it while I was thinking of it.

While I'm not one to bring my own spoons to events (I'll use whatever is at the venue), for cupping in my shop I only use gift spoons. Which reminds me, I should make some time to polish the silver ones soon.

These are the cupping spoons I used today. One has a black bowl and features the Coffee Roasters Guild logo. The other is from the Coffee Championships event in Knoxville. Both spoons were gifts.

Human, focus, work hard, don’t get fired. I don’t like cheap cat food.

She often brings me this toy when I'm working. I assume her thought process is "that glowing rectangle toy doesn't look very fun. Maybe I should bring her a better toy. This one's the best one"

The person who reported a bug in my code yesterday has let me know that the fix I sent (also yesterday) corrects the problem. It's always nice to get that confirmation.

One of the nice things about so much of Typica being defined by its runtime configuration is that it's almost always possible to just send someone a text file they can drop in the right place to add features or fix bugs in the default configuration. No recompiling required.

Got a bug report today. Fixed the bug. Sent the fix to the person who reported the bug. Surprised this one took as long to get reported as it did.

It looks like I'm getting a full nickel from Amazon this month. I'm still impressed that they send out such tiny payments every month (sometimes 4 payments of as little as 1 cent each depending on the regions people watch my videos in which they never lump together into a single transfer).

I was a little worried about having something at such a high price, but it took less than a day to sell out my first production batch of Mocha Java Blend. Will make more tonight.

One of the bags of coffee that arrived today had a sticker on it saying that it was for a different coffee roasting company. I don't know if I know anybody who works there now, but someone who used to work pretty high up there is the person who asked me to develop a new profile roasting class. That class ended up getting delivered pretty much unchanged by dozens of instructors around the world for about a decade.

The truck is late. I think it might have my Costa Rican coffee that the warehouse neglected to load on the first attempt.

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