@gemlog @shahaan My thought was that it would explicitly not go there, and instead offer things like, "it is a good day to drive down a scenic highway," or, "it is a good day to dye your hair a new color," or, "it is a good day to DABO!"

@shahaan Someone should do a Klingon bot that lets us all know what it is a good day to do.

It is a good day to disassemble a coffee roaster and clean the less accessible parts.

@dankwraith the beatles were created out of eighteen or nineteen different popular 1960s pop artists as an corporate umbrella brand to simplify the intellectual property transfer during a series of record company mergers that occurred from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. it saved a ton of tax for them, and boomers fucking believed it too, they bought in, to the extent they’ll even defend the existence of the band, share their memories of having a favourite Beatle. it’s fucked up

The cat is complaining because I'm making onion rings instead of petting the cat.

With the realization that I probably want to add another chapter to the book and the page count increases from the other edits, I'm thinking more seriously about doing a print version, but that would require a complete redesign of the interior (not actually that big a deal) and introduce other complications for a project I was hoping to be done with by now. Ugh.

Getting better at the rhythm game part of Deemo Reborn. I might be able to get the platinum trophy for this after all, but not tonight.

Saw one of the new bat quarters in the till today. It's a good design.

Sent my California sister a cat picture for her birthday.

The new chapter would be very data heavy and in a sense it might look like I'm padding things out, but there's educational value here and it's supportive of several of the main points I try to present in training.

I think the book might need another chapter. My normal editing process makes things shorter, but for this book I might end up doubling the page count. I think I'll try to finish editing the rest of the book before making the decision on adding another chapter.

I've also been informed that the half gallon bottles that we've been out of for a while are being manufactured today so some time next week we should also be able to resume selling half gallon bottles of chai concentrate. I'll have to see how the gallons sell once that's back and decide if I want to keep selling those retail or go back to that being bar use/wholesale only.

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