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Today's tasting is so good. Very clear progression from floral to caramel to resinous to spicy to smoky aromatics, bimodal sweetness curve, really nice coffee for training.

Put lots of revision related ink on paper today during the waiting portions of other tasks. Will need to transcribe or otherwise act on those notes after dinner. This will not be the last round of editing before I'm happy with sending this off for technical review.


i sent this pic to my wife with the comment:

milks gone bad
how do you know?
opened the door and it threw a snake at me

and then laughed at it so hard for ten minutes straight i dislocated a rib and woke up my daughter from across the house

Thought of the day: vertical shooter played on a Tetris board. Falling blocks follow your character left and right, shoot to rotate, pieces become deadly when they reach the bottom so the play area effectively shrinks until you clear out lines.

Fresh batch of chai concentrate is in the ice bath. Needed to make more to cover a wholesale order. One of these days I should really build some kind of giant chai concentrate making machine. I suspect I could mostly just repurpose beer brewing equipment.

One of my employees just answered a robocall where the entirety of the pre-recorded message was, "Congratulations." I think I've gotten that one before, but I always hang up before finding out that there isn't more.

Yesterday I did my production test batch of a French Roast made out of a new lot of coffee from Brazil. That turned out nicely so the next thing is verifying that all the blends that had the old French Roast as an ingredient still work with the new one or adjust the blend recipes so those continue to be delicious. No change needed to the espresso blend (40% French Roast, 30% Sulawesi, 20% Burundi, 10% Colombia).

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