There was a giant racoon in the driveway when I got home. It decided to slip under the neighbor's fence once it realized that I intended to park my car.

Got a text message from my out of state sister. Looking through the phone history it looks like I get one per year on or near my birthday.

Government agencies can afford their own instances. Companies can afford their own instances. Don't let credibility-moochers use your community as human shields.

Commented on a forum with a particularly bad censorship mechanism. I used the word re-assessing and it got redacted to re-ass**sing.

Playing that Kingdom Hearts rhythm game. It's pretty strange, but I guess that's par for the course with this series.

It took some convincing, but I was able to get the cat not to be on my lap while I tried to eat dinner.

English is a bastard soup of a language that has never really followed the rules anyway, waiting in dark alleys to mug other tongues, slipping terms and grammar into its pockets before fleeing.

I am but as my mater-lingua has made me.

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Everybody else can just give up now. This is peak video game fashion.

Tasting production test batches for a medium and dark roast of the new coffee from Bolivia. This is one with pretty low perceived acidity, smooth, easy drinking. I might make this the base of this year's Holiday Blend, but I have a couple more new things to sort out before I move on to figuring that out.

The new dark roast Ethiopian coffee is on brew today. Customers reception has been highly positive so far.

The cat is shoving her face into a mug. I've already consumed the beverage it contained, but she's double checking that there isn't something good for her.

Continuing to work through new coffees. The coffee from Papua New Guinea turned out nicely expressing as a rich, sweet, well balanced medium roast. This will also let me get our Big Island Blend (the PNG is from the world's largest coffee growing island) back out for sale.

The cat thinks I spend too much time at work and not enough time with the cat. She's right, of course, but work pays for the cat food.

The secret to doing good literary analysis of sci fi is understanding that it's a subgenre of erotica.

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