@technomancy Is black easier to see in person? A nice wood grain background might be appropriate.

In China it's very common for people in business to give themselves a western name to make it easier to deal with foreigners who don't know how to say Chinese names. That's often a very common name, but today I got spam from someone who chose to go with Sauron, which might be close to their given name but probably isn't the spelling they should go with.

I don't know much about making video games, but what I do know is that floors are surprisingly difficult to get right.


Dog: Am I a good dog? Will you pet me? Can I have a treat?
Girl: You're a good dog, but the game developers won't let me pet you or give you a treat.

Another dev survey, another opportunity to request cat/dog petting as a feature.

Late night at work. This time for maintenance that's impractical to do while the shop is open.

One of my customers thinks she might have a cat that looks like mine that similarly broke into her house (she's only seen the tail). I guess that's what grey cats do now. They see a place they want to move into and just let themselves in and are like, "I live here now."

United States Politics 

Can we still have the taco trucks?

I really want taco trucks. 🌮

Teller at the credit union drive through looked at my written instructions, verbally confirmed correctly what I wanted, proceeded to deposit to the wrong account. (also one of my accounts so I can just do a transfer through their web site, but I shouldn't have to)

Accountant is coming out tomorrow so of course I got the tax planner in an email today. Related: apparently password protected PDFs are a thing and Okular handles them just fine.

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