Michabo v0.1 release (future plans) 

@agudbrandson I suppose the alternative would be to run a query that populates the missing data with /something/. That would make the warning go away, but whatever that /something/ is would not likely be true and that would need to be redone against new records if the underlying data entry problem isn't fixed.

@agudbrandson These changes should not affect existing roasting records and will not impact any saved profiles.

@agudbrandson My understanding of things is that as you enter correct green coffee data for future batches, the reports against that data should no longer have the note you're complaining of. Is this not true?

In any case, I'm reworking Typica's handling of green coffee inventory and will need to make a lot of interface changes for anything that touches that for the 1.10 release that I'm hoping to have the time to finish late summer/early fall.

@agudbrandson The simplification notice should only be visible when batch data cannot be requested with the query specified on line 178 in Windows/batchdetailsnew.xml

I believe this was originally done because Typica allowed you to save batch data without green coffees properly specified, but any failure on that query will trigger the fallback case.

The real solution is for future data to be properly entered: coffee purchase records and weight of which green coffees used for the batch.

@gnomon I try, though she would like me to stay home more (her preferred schedule for me would be 36 hours at home for every 8 hours out)

The cat was enjoying the cuddles enough that she tried rolling off the couch but I caught her and rolled her back upright.

going for egg rolls tonight. If I'm still hungry later there's leftover pizza.

@neal selling stacks of ebook readers painted with the book cover that can only read that single book :thdnking_face:

@cpsdqs A brick and mortar ebook shop could be really cool. I'm imagining shelves full of epaper readers of various age with a book pre-loaded and set to a random page for browsing.

Current disk usage on this server is at 51%. Database size just a bit over 1GB. At some point I'll need to clean this up (or I guess just add more storage to the server) but not today.

social.typica.us/ is now running Mastodon 2.9.0. Also, this is apparently my 3,003rd toot. Awoo!

admin notice, you don't care if you're not on social.typica.us 

@gnomon Just hanging out, smelling the grass, enjoying the yard.

"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

Ordered the pizza. That way I can hug the cat and eat instead of listen to the cat yell at me while I cook.

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