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Neal Wilson ✅

Probably won't be able to get to it until after the start of the year.

I've wanted to do something like that for a while anyway to set different PID tuning on startup to get up to temp faster then switch over to settings for stability and maybe do an auto-off timer. A lot of industrial stuff is simple enough and uses stuff that's sufficiently standardized that these sorts of things can be hacked together pretty easily.

Swapped out part of a heat sealer. Relay on the old controller was periodically failing closed which is the wrong failure mode. Thinking I might pop a Pi or similar with a relay hat and wire the RS485 pins on the controller to act as an extra safety monitor/shut down power to the controller in the event of PV exceeds SV by too much. There's room in the sealer and it's a relatively cheap mod for some extra safety.

Staff tried to close the shop a half hour early. :cirnoDoubt:

It looks like there's an error in a template somewhere that I should track down. It's double closing body and html tags.

I've been wanting to get to that for a while but I never copied those files over to the current computer and I couldn't remember exactly how I had things set up on the server.

Those updates go a lot faster now that I just push changed source files to a git repo and jekyll automatically generates the static files there. It used to be using FTP to transfer files generated by m4.

Updated the coffee list on the shop's web site to reflect current offerings. Nobody reads this.

Hard to work on stuff when the cat has your arm pinned down.

Cat is purring loudly and really into the head scratches tonight.

Drafted a few more sections of my coffee roasting book. I think these sections need graphs. I should put together placeholders to insert so I don't forget to go back and create those.

Federation between two servers, illustrated

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Funeral had too much food so I have another plate to eat before changing water filters.

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Another day, another day I'm not going to get around to updating my servers. I don't want to let my Mastodon/PeerTube/Gitea/Nextcloud installs get too far behind the latest releases but I've got too many other things that need attention right now and it's not like I've got a lot of users to support on those servers.

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