In an apparent aim to put as many X's as possible in the name of their new console, Microsoft really dropped the ball by not calling it the XXXBox.

3D printer is capable of printing uselessly thin decorative cups. Let's see if I can scale that up, thicken it out, and get something that an hold a pair of scissors and some pens/markers.

Sometimes the cat questions my life choices. It's pretty much always the same question. "What are you doing and why isn't it petting the cat?"

Why are the owls wearing hats? I have no idea. Next up, figuring out how to print something other than the owls the machine came with, but it's late so that will have to wait for another day.

i'm no tech person but decentralized twitter that's made/run by twitter is still just twitter

fuck that noise

I seem to have acquired a 3D printer. Making a pair of red test owls now.

Put Sumatra back on the coffee list on the shop's web site. We weren't out of that long enough and the flavor of the new lot isn't different enough that I'm making a mention of it on the main page. It's just available to buy through the site again. For anybody concerned about going there and risk scabbing on the whole YouTube thing going on right now, video embeds on that site all come from my PeerTube server and nothing auto-plays.

Mastodon is funding a small independent team of up to five proprietary software architects, engineers, and designers to develop a closed and centralized standard for social media. The goal is for Mastodon to ultimately be the owner of all social media.

So apparently if a server running Mastodon runs out of disk space it just spits 500 errors everywhere. Problem solved, sorry for any inconvenience.

@goat You'll never make money like that. Should add a camera and microphone ostensibly the catch the cat unrolling the paper but really to sell that sweet sweet data to big TP and scat fetish sites.

The efficiency gains from virtualisation are great. It used to be that flipping the wrong switch could only stop one computer, now that one tiny action can bring down dozens.

Sometimes my car radio also picks up other drivers navigation systems. What does the FCC even do?

While driving to lunch yesterday NPR had live coverage blah blah impeachment blah blah while the car was in motion, but when the car was stopped it was some woman singing in not English with some minimal piano accompaniment that was beautiful, and if the car was going <15mph I got both. Kind of wish I knew who the singer was. I might've bought an album.

@yomimono Good stuff. I wouldn't have thought of the power strip. Thanks.

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