Just in case anybody is confused, typica.jp/ is entirely unrelated to the much, much older typica.us/

It would be nice if people would check for things that might seem overly similar BEFORE doing marketing spend.

Was up late last night working on some code. The new batch window in Typica 2 looks quite a bit different from the Typica 1 version now. Decided to ditch the table view for green coffees which lets me make some operations a little more obvious and makes logical space for new features. Weights are also auto-filled which should help places that standardize batch sizes or blend before roasting.

Finished up a couple tiny features that make the program nicer to use. Nothing in terms of new capabilities, just takes fewer steps to do the most commonly wanted thing.

Fixed 2 bugs. One was a > that should have been a >= while the other was not updating a value on one very specific code path which was solved by lifting it out of a loop and unconditionally doing the right thing, which in most cases will also be a tiny bit more efficient (where it isn't is already the fastest path so I'm not going to worry about a couple extra instructions to calculate a 0).

Severe case of phone elbow today. Nobody call me for the rest of the day, please.

Thinking I should probably do a demo video with the software I'm working on. I don't have an estimated release date yet (it'll be released when it's ready) but people might like to know that I'm not dead or something. There are a few cool demo-worthy things.

Based on my agenda for the day, I think petting the dog is likely to be the best thing that happens.

Today so far:
Cons: Customers are behaving in a way that causes needless stress. (nothing bad, just being extra oblivious and holding up the line)
Pros: Got to pet a dog!

Added a small feature and it revealed a bug elsewhere which has now been fixed.

The cat saw me bring in a new bag of cat food so she tried to convince me that she was starving and I needed to open the new bag of food. She wasn't very convincing and I expect she'll be offended when she really doesn't have enough food in her dish and I give her more from the old bag.

Finished up the main stuff for profile translation in Typica 2. There are still a couple things that need testing, but what has been tested is working. I took a slightly different approach compared with Typica 1 which makes some ideas that I've had around this feature easier to put in later. Also, it's now animated (easy to turn off if you want the old instant snap behavior, but I think a quick animation makes it more obvious what's going on).

After the initial mistake of trying to follow the instructions provided (which do not work), I finally have a working wired connection to the Internet at my house again.

Something I noticed when using slow phone tethered Internet: lots of web sites are completely unusable at <100kbps. My sites still work just fine. I think it's because I remember 2400 baud dial up service and try to be a little conservative and not bloat things with stuff like every tracker known to marketing.

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