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Neal Wilson ✅

Back home. Time for cat naps.

Went home mid-day to feel sick at home. Went back to help with the closing. Back home, still sick. Cat is doing what she can to help.

@cardassianvole If it makes you feel better I'm feeling horrendously ill and the closest I have to a relationship is a cat.

It seems like every time I see one of those draw it again memes I like the older drawing better. I keep that observation to myself.

This morning the cat ate all the food in her dish and then acted like she was starving to get me to feed the cat early. It didn't work, she got fed at the usual time, and was not hungry enough to get up and even look at the new food.

Enjoying a pot of tea. It's not making me feel better but it's warm and tastes good.

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The cat was sitting on me, but now she's returned to the cat seat.

There's an email on the office computer letting me know that I place I sometimes buy stuff from has a sale on Orange Meal Prep Containers. I didn't realize

1. There are different containers depending on the color of the meal you're preparing
2. That you can even call it a meal if everything is the same color

Spent a lot of time with the magazine people for what's probably a 1-2 page spread. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with.

Just got a spam that started by addressing me as "Honorable Decision Maker" and claims to be from "Bruce Lee"

Probably not that Bruce Lee.

Deleted a bunch of code I've been working on lately. It works better now.