Spam can be weird sometimes. I cannot imagine anybody reading this and thinking, "this is a legitimate business with a product or service that I am interested in so I will follow up and give them money," and yet this sort of thing persists so presumably it must be working?

I wonder who shared the YouTube version of my latest video. Pro tip: it was available on PeerTube earlier and there aren't ads run with the video there so maybe share that version instead?

My new defective tea infuser (there should be black, white, and yellow features, not just pink).

It's not pyro Qiqi level damage, but 31,653 is a new personal best for a Qiqi charged attack. I think there's a little more I can squeeze out of this build with better execution and a different team composition might also work better.

While it's certainly possible to squeeze out more, tonight I set a new personal best for Aquila Favonia weapon passive damage with this hit for 66,860. My previous best for this damage type was a bit over 45K.

My latest pyro Qiqi build can do pretty good damage with her elemental skill. Maybe I'll try maxing that out in a cryo build some time.

It's still about 100K lower than the biggest Qiqi hit I'm aware of, but this morning I set a new personal best in single target Qiqi damage. That's as far as I'm going to be able to push things without either a different combo setup or better artifacts so I think I'll be taking a break from cryo burst Qiqi and going back to my preferred physical build. Of course, my old best hit 3 targets so combined damage was higher there.

That hit for just under 283K used food. This hit for just over 291K did not. In other words, I just need to replicate this with food buffs to set a new personal best for single target Qiqi damage. But I'm mostly out of meat and fish so I'll keep play testing some options and see if I can get something better or close enough with easier execution requirements.

28 fragile resin worth of artifacts later... Still not pyro Qiqi level, but pretty good.

Finally getting around to working on a cryo burst Qiqi. As a baseline, this is still with her physical build and missing a lot of buffs that the full combo will have. If I can multiply that by 3, I'll have a new personal best. Better than that and I might re-take my world record. I feel like that might be possible.

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