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Neal Wilson ✅

Went home mid-day to feel sick at home. Went back to help with the closing. Back home, still sick. Cat is doing what she can to help.

The cat wants lots of belly rubs this morning.

The first step in deciding how to roast a coffee is tasting to establish what the coffee is capable of. The biggest differences will just be in how dark it's roasted.

The cat likes when I stay home.

The cat is being an excellent heat thrower.

Woke up to find the cat made a little cave out of a blanket and my knees.

My sister wanted a sign to use while sampling a coffee with not very much text that people can look at and feel like they learned something. As "not a graphic designer" and someone who prefers long form writing this is very much not playing to my strengths, but here's sign #1, made with the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Found my first coffee roaster while cleaning the basement. This was useful to demonstrate the changes coffee goes through in roasting before we were roasting our own. It also had some time roasting samples, but the control on this is limited and consistency is bad. Eventually I was able to do better roasting samples in a production roaster (basically roasting by sound as that's so far below minimum batch size that visuals and instruments are unavailable). These days I have something appropriate.