Another slide done. This gets built up as I'm talking about flavor in an exploratory batch (yellow line) and how changing (orange line) time spent in the marked ranges (cyan) allows me to alter the balance of flavors toward a specific flavor objective.

Finished the first slide for my next video, expanded the narration script for what comes immediately after that. The photograph isn't immediately visible (it slides in from the left and the stuff on the right rearranges to fit the smaller horizontal space, and this is also where the bottom text line becomes visible) and the stuff in the rectangle is an animated timeline that changes as I talk. @OCRbot

This is the example data I was working with (which you might recognize from an earlier video). You can't really tell from this, but everything scales nicely, can be animated, styled differently and there's a bunch of stuff under the hood for working with the data programmatically and organizational stuff that's useful for interactive sessions. Among other things, last night I added sensible default property support to some of the C++ classes to make the QML side of things more concise.

Found Autumn on this pile of Dad's coats. They probably still smell like him.

There's hidden stuff if you jump up above the ceiling and run along the top of the stage.

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