Everybody else can just give up now. This is peak video game fashion.

Owl collecting isn't as good as cat collecting, or naming every dog in the world, but it's still pretty good as far as entire game long side quests go.

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Getting the hang of combat in Tales of Arise. I like how I can find owls just often enough to give each party member a different set of animal ears.

Within the past week I've somehow managed to win prizes in two contests for photographs taken from within . It's only primogems worth another 3.75 wishes, but given that I would have taken the photos and made the posts anyway, that's worth the effort of sticking an extra tag on the posts.

People on hoyolab are freaking out about my old pyro Qiqi again.

A couple recent game screenshots that I think might make nice desktop wallpapers if anybody wants those.

Extra annotations on the previous set of graphs I posted. The old version was made in LibreOffice while this one is mostly my own code but the larger sized text was plopped in with The GIMP.

Some example data that I pulled together for an upcoming coffee roasting class. The top section shows the temperature of the coffee and inlet air, from which you can get a good sense of the control strategy in play. Below that is rate of change of the coffee temperature. Then below that is a visual spectrum (roaster camera) approximation of the Agtron gourmet scale roast level over time which isn't saturated out of range at the start because this is a decaf coffee which already starts out brown.

I'm working with another person on developing and delivering a new coffee roasting class for this event. This is reliably my favorite trade event to get out to and am looking forward to having some good conversations. Early bird discount is coming to an end soon. I'd mention CRG and SCA by handles, but I don't think they're on fedi. crgretreat.coffee

Current state of the new timer indicator with a long plan loaded. I ran into the character limit describing all the features, but I believe everything shown here now is working rather than just being a design placeholder. The most recent thing I did with this was the range timers on the right which show live and planned durations, the name of the range, and which range(s) is active. There's a fifth range that's not shown, but it's in a flickable/scrollable area so that can be seen.

This morning I went for and achieved a new personal best for Qiqi's elemental skill (not burst) damage with my Blizzard Gambler Qiqi build (not recommended for normal play).

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