Why are the owls wearing hats? I have no idea. Next up, figuring out how to print something other than the owls the machine came with, but it's late so that will have to wait for another day.

I seem to have acquired a 3D printer. Making a pair of red test owls now.

Each cup was delicious so the new coffee from Sumatra makes the cut for things to recommend to home roasters (you can end the roast about anywhere and won't have messed up too badly), but I want something around here to sell.

Figuring out how I want to roast new coffee from yesterday's delivery.

Apparently parrot.vc generated, "With a powerful narrative, you should be able to go from raw materials to a launch ready vehicle in 60 days." I'd like to remind everybody that that's pretty much how Patchouli built her moon rocket.

Sometimes I wonder if the cat is copying me or if I'm just being cat-like. As a child I was raised by a cat so either is plausible.

The bunny clock is cute but if you're going to leave food in the microwave for a few days, that's probably beyond what bunny clock can fix.

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