The dripper did not come with any filters. I have some at home that will fit.

Well, this is peak Qiqi. Anything that could theoretically be done to improve her damage can't get done in time to use it. Pretty sure this is the new world record for single hit Qiqi damage, but would love to see if someone has done better. 305,672 for those who can't tell in the small image and don't want to expand it.

I think I might have the highest publicly shared damage from Qiqi. This is from a no food practice run last night after I changed up my combo, making it both more effective and more difficult to execute consistently. Tonight I'll be getting her to out-damage my Hu Tao.

If they were going to keep a thing around from Lantern Right, I would have gone with this decoration, not a weirdly half deleted illumiscreen.

So are we all just not talking about how Mihoyo took away the tables that these lanterns used to be on but left the lanterns mysteriously levitating? The screen they're shining on has also been left behind.

Sadly, Amber is only at C2. Maybe some day I'll have a C4 Amber so I can have two dancing stuffed bunnies helping.

Tonight in Spiral Abyss floor 9 chamber 2 second half, my Klee has returned to being my top single attack damage dealer, using a charged attack to deal 102,946 melt damage evenly split between a couple fatui (four star weapon and her artifacts aren't even fully levelled yet). Started her burst attack immediately after to get this image. Appropriate since nobody in the game knows more about punishment than Klee (since she spends so much time being grounded for fish blasting and whatnot).

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