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Neal Wilson ✅

Hard to work on stuff when the cat has your arm pinned down.

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Cat mug. There are 5 more cats on the other side.

There's a cat wrapped aroung my arm.

My sister thinks these tables are the same length.

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This just arrived in my inbox and, umm... I didn't have an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign? There aren't any super-obvious signs of a scam going on, so I think maybe this just got pushed to the wrong mailing list? If someone used my email address to set up an Indiegogo campaign I'd think I'd've gotten an email about that and rather than an award I guess I'd rather have the money. I'm sure I can find a project to push that to.

Last night's cat pics. I tried to get one of her hugging a table leg but she noticed that I was about to take a picture and composed herself for that.

The traditional Christmas animals: reindeer, hedgehog, sloth.

How are these categories differentiated?