There's a cat at the back door. Guess I'm not going outside. (it would disturb the cat)

Here are the graphs. B-1 has a 15.71% mass loss and the ground coffee measures 53.7 on the Agtron gourmet scale. B-2 has a slightly higher 15.86% mass loss and a slightly lighter 53.9 degree of roast. Those post-roast measurements are closer than some roasters get trying to follow the same plan but these are clearly very different roasts.

This is how the batch with the highest mass loss ended up looking. The numbers in the notes hanging off the graph are all generated directly from the underlying roasting data. Measurements in the table are mostly interpolated since it's rare to get measurements exactly on the second. They end up based on 2 measurements less than half a second on either side, so not much difference compared with taking either the previous or next measurement.

These are the cupping spoons I used today. One has a black bowl and features the Coffee Roasters Guild logo. The other is from the Coffee Championships event in Knoxville. Both spoons were gifts.

ec, cat ec, open mouth 

The monthly fluff emails from Shippo have always seemed suspect (especially the $ saved), but the latest one seems especially improbable.

The cat has decided to relax on my legs. She's upset that I won't let her shove her head into a bag of day old muffins.


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