It's been a few years since the last time this was true, but Qiqi is once again my hardest hitter in Genshin Impact. Congratulations, Qiqi!

won a basket of prizes for being fastest at solving the roast magazine crossword puzzle. there used to be another book in there, but I already own a copy so I gave that one away.

Today's coffee delivery contains a claim I haven't seen called out on a bag before. Not sure what it means, but I'm pretty sure most plants are technically solar powered.

A look at data entry in CRUCS. The top section is for putting in additional control points. There's another section that lets you specify an end point. If you don't do that, the point with the largest time is used as the end point, but you can also extrapolate from the curve or set an earlier end time. The control points section lets you remove points (which sticks the data back into the insert section for ease of undo/editing that point).

Added the ability to mouse around the graph and get some useful information in response. The vertical line follows the x position for the mouse while the horizontal lines show the temperature and rate of change given in the plan for the given time. A text box gives all three values.

Web page I've been working on when the system is set to the Breeze Dark theme. This time with a dark roast plan that includes turnaround (when using something like this I generally prefer to ignore that and have it come up from room temperature instead). The top bar shows and hides the various options and controls to make it easier to see what you're doing when you mess with those instead of drowning in a sea of all the controls including ones you're not using at that moment.

A little preview of a thing I've been working on lately. The layout and visual design is far from finalized (there's no styling on the HTML at all) and there are at least a few more features that I want to add before I upload this somewhere, but the core functionality works. You give it some control points, it produces a plan that you can roast a batch of coffee against. Below the bottom of this image there are a couple buttons for exporting the generated plan either to CSV or Typica's XML.

Imagine playing a video game and getting a lesson on the dangers of phishing scams.

The secret to setting records in video games is to go for oddly specific ones that nobody else is competing for. I recently decided to see how much physical damage I could get out of Qiqi, or more specifically, the passive damage that Aquila Favonia deals when Qiqi takes damage. This is the best I could manage. I can't find evidence that anybody else has done better from this very specific damage source, but would love to see that if it exists.

I won a prize in an in game photography contest with this post containing some accurate yet questionable puzzle solving advice:

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