A recent ad that hit the shop's inbox suggested that I buy an internet domain name for my baby.

1. To the best of my knowledge I don't have a baby
2. Is that really a thing? Like, shouldn't a child be old enough to have The Internet Safety Talk before they get their own domain?
3. They should pick their domain instead of being stuck with their lame dad's choice.

@neal Concerning 2 and 3, I do something similar: I sometimes register myself and a family member for web services when they launch so I can reserve the first-name-only username before it gets taken. If they don't want it, I can always delete the account and let it go.

@shahaan Sure, if it's free (though I think most children should be pseudonymous online: the compartmentalization makes them harder to target for cyber-bullying and it's easier to throw away a pseudonym when you decide that's no longer who you want to be), but squatting a vanity domain for years seems like a waste of money.

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