Test batch of the new Ethiopian coffee turned out delicious. Yesterday I was tasting different roast levels on the cupping table. The first 5 cups (from about 2/5 to 4/5 between cracks) smelled like what I wanted and there was a clear progression where as I went through that range the coffee got sweeter and crisper, then (still pre-2C) it just went flat until it started to get toward the darker side where if it weren't so expensive it would be a nice dark blender.


I try to taste well outside the range that I expect I'll want to sell a coffee first because sometimes you find the unexpected, but also because when you find things like that dark blender, maybe it's not something you need for a product right now, but I've got hopefully a several months supply of the coffee and if needs change, that's another trick I can keep on hand to pull out if it's needed.

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