Got an email today with the claim that, "explaining coffee to water ratio is ridiculously overwhelming and confusing." I tend to think it's more that some people (who want to get consulting $$$) explain this aspect of a coffee brewing recipe in an overly complicated way and the solution is more pragmatic explanations and encouraging people to do some simple tasting exercises, but let's put it to a vote.

Is C:W ridiculously overwhelming and confusing?

@neal I am very interested to understand *why* the person sending that email made that assertion. It seems completely counter to my own experience and understanding; but I'm convincing myself that it's likely because that person has had a very, very different set of experiences. I would love to hear about them.

Also I need an alt account so I can vote in favour of turtles. cc: @emsenn #🐢

@gnomon I"m abstaining from voting but I like turtles and coffee/water ratios, like most things, are not confusing and overwhelming unless you leave them that way. p much everything is intelligible. @neal

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