Took some time last night to learn enough of ledger (some of you might know this as the inspiration for hledger) to move my book keeping for the new company out of the ad-hoc spreadsheet I've been using. I'll try using that for the business accounting and see how that goes. So far I like it, but I wouldn't want to use it for the coffee shop. Might switch my personal accounting over to it some day.

@neal I've had great results using Beancount and its graphical web interface Fava for my personal accounts. It does have a couple of features that could be useful for businesses, but I'm not sure where do you see ledger lacking

@jorgeegomez Mostly payroll, withholding, and the fact that I'm not the one doing most of the accounting at the shop. None of those are an issue for the new company.

@neal Gotcha. Withholding is doable, but payroll is well outside the scope of ledger and derivatives

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