The next coffee to figure out is a peaberry from Blawan Estate on the Indonesian island Java. That means odds are very good I'll be able to put together a nice Mocha Java Blend. When the first Mocha Java Blend was marketed, supply chain traceability was bad enough that the ingredients might not have come from Yemen or Java, but my Mocha Java Blends always do.

Same evaluation protocol, this time with 12 cups, each a different roast level. The first three cups were overly vegetal, the last three cups were too smoky (though the last cup is actually an excellent French Roast to keep in mind if the Brazilian coffee I bought for my next one of those doesn't pan out). The middle six, however, was quite difficult to choose among.


Cups on the lighter end had great sweetness but lacked body. Cups on the darker end had the body, but lacked the sweetness. In the end, I decided to use cup 6 as a starting point (right at the start of second crack) but make several adjustments to the roasting plan to try to try to increase both sweetness and body.

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