Roaster cam is expected to return Monday, though without all the planned modifications. I'll see how that looks when it returns and might end up doing a later hardware mod myself (hopefully with instructions). Software side things are good to go so I'll now have four data series graphed at my production roaster: bean temp, air temp, rate of change of bean temp, and degree of roast.

I'm not promising anything (I don't know if anybody really wants to support this) but I've got the go ahead to see about maybe extracting the code from the auxiliary computer and turning it into a library that could get loaded by Typica (since such a library would be derived from unreleased code that's not mine, I wouldn't be releasing that library without coordination with the rights holder). That likely involves rewriting in C++ but it would save desk space and both a DA and AD conversion.

It would also make it a lot easier to incorporate images and data from that into videos. I could do some fun stuff live streaming roasting sessions if I can get it working well.

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