Quarter pound packages of ground coffee are starting to go out for sale today. We don't do that most of the year and we're not doing all the coffees in that packaging format, but this time of year a limited selection is good to have for things like gift packs. Ground in advance because it would be too obnoxious to have to open/grind/re-seal a bunch of bags that barely fit the shop grinder.

We used to do packs that were exactly enough for a 10 cup pot of coffee (rip open bag, dump it in your filter, flip the power switch, done), but the packaging ended up getting so expensive that I couldn't justify charging as much as I'd have to for that. (Looks at price per pound of coffee in K cups, maybe people wouldn't care after all)

Plus now I get the sense that there are more people using 12 cup or 4 cup brewers (where a cup is obviously 5 fluid ounces because USA, USA). 10 cup is still common, but it's no longer as ubiquitous as it once was.

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