Next up is a test of one of two roasts that I'm going to be doing with a Mountain Water Process Decaf Brazil. With this coffee I'm leaning toward doing dark and darker and it's the latter that I'm tasting today. This is intended to be good on its own for people who enjoy a very dark roast, but it's also useful to have this available for the couple decaf blends I make here.

For those wondering about the difference between the two decaf processes, MWP is using the expired SWP patents and both have developed slightly different variations as trade secrets (the main difference from a sensory standpoint is that they're running at different temperatures and the resulting chemistry is discernible if you know what you're tasting for). One is done in Canada, the other is done in Mexico, but they're basically the same that just need to be differentiated because trademarks.


Anyway, this one is going to be labelled Decaf French Roast and it's consistent with that. I considered the Peruvian for this role as well, but the Brazil holds up better at my darkest roasts.

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