Do we have #coffee connoisseurs on the #fediverse that can recommend a good coffee machine? ☕

@Gina The most common flaw in an auto drip machine is just not getting the water hot enough for proper extraction. If you're trying to choose in a store, look for the one that uses the most power but that just makes the coffee (if it grinds and brews then when it breaks you're out both). Another good feature to look for is brewing into an insulated carafe instead of having a hot plate, though the hot plate isn't a deal breaker if you decant to a carafe right away.


@Gina If you're on a budget, Bodum makes a drip brewer (Bistro, but double check the product category because they use the same name for several completely different things) that's quite good for the price (has a hot plate, but does get the water hot enough).

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