Continuing to work on a new coffee. The first batch was my usual do whatever, pull a dozen cups out at different roast levels, and taste how the coffee performs as it progresses through the roast. In that I identified a range of four cups in the middle where I thought the coffee was at its best, but it seemed like I could do better so for the second batch I changed the timing on the roast and pulled 10 cups that covered the range of 4 from the first batch.


I found what I want to do with the coffee with a cup that's just a tiny bit lighter than one of the cups from the first attempt. If this holds into a production test roast, the coffee is sugary sweet (as in, if you get a cup of the black coffee you could be forgiven for thinking that someone stirred a packet of sugar into the cup), nicely balanced, greater intensity than cups in the first attempt.

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