Downside of nobody making good laptop keyboards: I end up needing to leave external keyboards scattered about in the places I use my laptop. Upside of nobody making good laptop keyboards: random people walk up to me to tell me my keyboard is cool.


My first laptop computer was an already then obsolete thing with a 286 processor, a 3 color screen, something like 10 or 20 MB of hard drive space, and 3.5 inch floppy drive. The thing weighed quite a lot and was at least an inch thick. I would happily give back some of the reductions in weight and thickness if it meant getting a keyboard that doesn't wear out before the rest of the computer does.

(the only reason I got that was because it was made from leftover parts that weren't needed for a project to take donated machines and set up a program for one of the local schools where students could borrow the machines and a tiny printer so they could take those home and type up their papers. I was one of the kids doing the repair and setup work and we got to keep the spares as sort of a thank you gift)

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