Spending more time on the Typica 2 rewrite today. The feature that I'm working on today is more complex than the equivalent in Typica 1.x, but also I hope quite a bit more useful. Chipping away at it just a little at a time and testing that it's doing what I expect and so far it is.


This is the model behind the replacement for Typica's range timer or multi range timer. Notable features: instead of only showing one range, it shows all relevant configured ranges. If a plan is loaded, it shows the planned durations for each of these for ease of comparison. There's more context presented with the information so it's easier to tell what the indicator means. It's combined with the batch timer as I want all the timer related information to be clustered on screen.

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If there isn't a plan loaded, you don't get lines for ranges that haven't been activated yet and you don't get the non-existent planned durations. Similarly if you have a configured range that wouldn't have been activated in the loaded plan, that's also hidden. There's still some work that I need to do on this, but I'm hoping to get this finished before the next time I turn on the coffee roaster so I can test this.

The other nice thing here is that it's possible to set up multiple overlapping ranges that would be active at the same time, so for example if for some reason you wanted to have time between cracks, time after 2nd crack, and the combined time after first crack to the end (the sum of the previous two durations), that just works. You could do it in Typica 1.x as well, but not as nicely.

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