@neal Good evening Neal! Hope all is well. I was wondering if you could help me understand how to access an IKAWA profile I’ve uploaded into Typica. Where do I go to find it once I uploaded it?
If you remember back to our previous convo. I was having trouble loading any profiles at all and I was sent a new batch details window that helped solve this issue...is it possible that the ‘simplified’ batch viewer is prohibiting me from accessing this feature within Typica?

@neal Hi Neal, this is Adam Gudbrandson (friend of John) I've been talking to you about fixing an issue with Typica. As I've mentioned previously, when I try to load a sample profile in Typica, the program crashes and I'm not able to use a reference profile...I was wondering if you had thought of a reason why that may be?
You mentioned it may be an issue with the Database. Is there an alternative database I could use instead?

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