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Neal Wilson ✅ @neal

There's an update on Typica's development branch that causes the batch details window to not barf if you've somehow managed to create a batch record without a green coffee item. The result is less detailed, ugly, and half of the tabs don't work, but the most important features are there and there's enough information that a confused person can take a screen shot and I can tell them what went wrong. Thanks to @agudbrandson and @jflanders for providing the bug report and enough info to solve it.

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@neal Thanks Neal for all of the help these past few weeks! Your excellent customer service has been so valuable to us here as we worked through some confusion and connection issues. Thanks again for your speedy responses and willingness to help out!
Typica Rocks. :)

@agudbrandson No problem. If you run into other issues or just have questions on things you're not sure about, let me know.