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Today's coffee tasting was a new coffee from El Salvador. Natural process, Pacamara from a farm that my sister has visited. This performed pretty well across the whole range so I'm going to do production test batches of a light, a medium, and a dark roast, brew full pots of those, and decide what I'll sell based on how those perform.

My goal for using as a buff in has been achieved. Qiqi is once again my 2nd highest damage dealer (just a little behind Raiden Shogun's half million hit). I'm not going to see substantially better results without either a completely different build or an entirely reworked combo.

Almost done building Shenhe as a Qiqi buff and got a new personal best Qiqi burst without food (better than with food and without Shenhe). Hoping to get it over 400K with food before switching Qiqi to Lavawalker for another boost.

I was trying to work out a new combo for my burst Qiqi to see if I could work Shenhe into that. Instead I ended up with Qiqi's elemental skill (not burst) landing a 6 figure hit (no food and Shenhe's build isn't even finished yet, but there's still a lot of buff stacking going on to land that hit).

If anybody wanted to start a Takuya Holding Things blog, here's something to start with.

Specialty Coffee Association sent me a new pin as thanks for my work on an education program that I quit the committee making that in protest of the organization's terrible stewardship of that. My name will be in materials I'll never see unless someone leaks it to me because I'm not a "real instructor." These days they just let me make up my own classes independent of that program because my workshops get good reviews and keep selling out. I don't really get it.


Local COVID case numbers bringing the risk level back up to severe. It didn't need to be like this, but I don't think it's surprising to anybody working in retail.

Spam can be weird sometimes. I cannot imagine anybody reading this and thinking, "this is a legitimate business with a product or service that I am interested in so I will follow up and give them money," and yet this sort of thing persists so presumably it must be working?

I wonder who shared the YouTube version of my latest video. Pro tip: it was available on PeerTube earlier and there aren't ads run with the video there so maybe share that version instead?

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