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Why did teleportation become such a popular choice for moving in VR games? It's almost never the right decision.

Spent some time working on a new order entry interface for Typica. I want to make this both much simpler than currently exists and also add more features. This might seem like a contradiction, but if I'm willing to redesign this aspect from scratch it isn't.

Bakery across the street gave my shop a free box of donuts as thanks for our help with their coffee emergency earlier in the day. Hopefully people noticed that the coffee was a huge upgrade from their usual fare and they set up a wholesale account to buy my coffee regularly, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.

I got a phone call from my mother this morning. It was a wrong number.

don't even tell people to join mastodon. just tell them to join the instance you're on/an instance you like without any further explanation. they'll figure it out.

Okay, this is odd. Apparently if I plug a PS4 controller into my laptop to charge while I'm playing a game the touch area is picked up both by the PS4 and as a mouse on the laptop.

Okay, crazy thought here, but what if the people who buy/run/make policy decisions about web sites started by, you know, using that site and having some kind of awareness of what it is? Oh, who am I kidding, hey yahoo, want to buy my Mastodon instance?

Just because all the articles about fixing your finger nails are apparently written for women doesn't mean that men can't also fix their nails. Saving yourself some pain while that heals doesn't make you any less of a man.

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The other night I was playing around with my new seaboard and there was one bit that I thought sounded really nice. I wish I were recording, but at least I sort of remember what I was doing so maybe I can record something similar.

Put the box at one end of the warehouse, pick out the stuff that goes into the box. As you find it, do your best impression of a quarterback throwing product to the box. This is not a good way to pack orders.

Today's candy order was poorly packed. It's a good thing I don't need the display boxes because most of them have fallen apart. At least the product is intact and matches the packing slip.

So here's a thing I don't get: how do web devs find hundreds or even thousands of tiny single function npm dependencies to quilt into their projects such that it isn't just faster to write their own code?

Cat monsters and fluff monsters were sketched on stream! Thanks everyone for hanging out and keeping me company.

The fluff monsters are from thursday morning, the thumbnail of the illo I'm designing all of these guys for was scribbled before inktober started.


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