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let's start an argument about star trek. ready? 

On the other hand, I'm very much that kid who when asked, "would you like to teach the class?" has a history of saying yes and then knocking it out of the park. (I started in 4th grade)

I'm leaning toward either no or not yet, but I'm standing by for more information, clarifications, or a convincing argument for why this is a good idea. There are some things I could do better, but most of my reasons for leaving wouldn't be fixed just by my taking over because the problems originate external to that group.

Yesterday I was looking at new mug designs and mercats (like mermaids except with a cat top) are apparently the hot new thing. I'm guessing these were designed by a Macross fan. Personally, I'm looking forward to getting the octopus mugs.

So in a completely bizarre turn I've been asked if I want to take over leadership of the committee I resigned from. I'll be asking some people for advice and getting some more information to help me make that decision.

My sister is having dental work done tomorrow so I'll be taking over more of the tasks she normally takes care of for a few days while she recovers from that.

Baseball; :DS9: joke 

I'm not exactly sure where the typo was (once I knew which section it must have been in I just copy/pasted from the example instead of trying to hunt down the difference), but it resulted in 404s on webseeds (downloads still worked). is back up and running with local videos working correctly. Bad nginx modification during the upgrade to PeerTube 1.2. I was stuck in a meeting for too long before I was able to fix that but everything should be good now.

Made the cats a drinking fountain.

It's just a plant pot with a tiny pond pump and some pebbles.

All hooked up to a PIR sensor so it only runs when a cat passes by.


local videos on temporarily down. will try to get that up soon.

Cat is wet. I think she decided to drag herself through her water dish.

Traffic design there is bad enough when everybody is following the rules.

Had to double back and reroute on the way to work today. There was a convoy of extremely slow moving public works trucks going the wrong way on 1 way streets blocking my route.

One of the great things about my eclectic professional experience is that lots of people talk to me. I can't share most of the stories I hear (I'll anonymize and/or wait until the company involved gets bought out/goes out of business or until the people involved are no longer in the business) but I do enjoy hearing them.

Sadly, nobody locally wants to talk shop. I might "steal their secrets." (I totally steal ideas from others but local competitors don't have secrets worth stealing)

The oldest video game in my collection is a 2 player Computer Space cabinet (glittery green color). One of the neat gameplay elements is that shots are implemented just as a distance in front of your ship that increases over time until it hits something or reaches a maximum distance. The play field also wraps at the screen edges so you can do things like fire off screen and then rotate your ship to curve your shot into the other player. It's unusual enough that most don't expect it.

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