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AT&T is unblocking at least one of my mail servers (which they had no business blocking in the first place).

Need to buy gas again. The out of gas light came on during my trip home last night. It's kind of a shame because my driving habits are perfect for an EV but where I live and without a garage that's not happening.

I sent in a bug report and now the graph is showing me the last 5 minutes instead of the last 8 minutes. That's not the change I was looking for.

Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch because they're fast.

Super nice chocolate aromatics on this coffee from Timor L'este that I'm working with today.

This looked dubious until I realized that for some reason I was seeing a graph of views over the past 8 minutes. Now I wonder why anybody would think this is a useful thing to display.

Gas safety inspector was out. I only know this because three of the meters he needed to wave his detector thingy over were behind a locked fence and I was the easiest person to find with a key.

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Film crew is wrapping up for lunch, will be back around closing for a little more. After that I'll be going over to my parent's house for my sister's birthday dinner, except it's not my sister's birthday. It's my dad's cat's birthday.

There's a film crew at the shop all day today. They're doing a portfolio piece but I think I'll be able to upload that to PeerTube when they're finished. They're scheduled for filming another day later in the month.

My daughter’s Harry Potter themed craft book includes some basic coconut oil based lotions with fancy names, and I’ve gotta say Hogwarts would be about 1000x creepier and more awkward if the books always said “lotions” instead of “potions”.

The city has been messing with traffic light timings again. Sadly, whoever is in charge of that is awful: fails to consider pedestrians and has a hard on for the three way red.

:cirnoHi: In case anybody was wondering, over a third of the custom emoji on this instance are Cirno. :cirnoHeh:

The staircase is a pretty common pattern on the stuff where I'm trying to provide useful information. I put it out, nobody notices that it exists, but then half a year, a year, two years, five years later someone happens across it, shares it with a bunch of people, and it gets popular. :cirnoShrug:

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