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Landed in Boston. The descent was unusually hard on my ears.

Star Trek DS9 video game where you choose their path, short or long then watch how they move along home.

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Back cover:

“Who is this book for?

“Not you. Put it back on the shelf immediately.”

Packed up my gift coffees for the show. Quarter pounds of coffees from Brazil, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, and Timor-Leste.

Need to put the cat in the carrier for the trip to my sister's house (I'm not having a cat wandering around the car while I'm trying to drive). Hopefully she won't hide very well when she realizes that tonight is when that's happening. For the return trip I'm getting back in early enough that the person picking me up will still be driving so I can just hold her instead of stuffing her in a box. She prefers that.

USPS changed the design on their schedule a pickup page. Everything is gigantic now and you have to think to unfocus the pickup location if it's not in the drop down before later steps appear. It's so bad and the whole site would be so much better if they just stopped trying to be clever.

Will anybody tell Nelke that one of her first acts as village administrator was putting a trans-dimensional ghost in charge of the grocery store? Will she figure it out for herself?

Bought a fresh supply of hair elastics. Assorted colors.

My sister has switched to the grey sheets in preparation for my cat staying with her while I'm out of town.

After spending so long working on top of abstraction layers, it's nice to have a no priority side project where I can drop down to bare metal again.

Remember the preview for that promo video for my shop that I posted a few weeks ago? (Of course not, it only has 3 views on PeerTube) I got the full version yesterday and finally got around to watching it today. There are a couple points that I cringe at but overall I think it turned out really nice.

Flash roasts and slow roasts done outside on a pan over a low flame probably deviate from the linear model, but the data points that I have are all so close to the regression that variation can be explained entirely by the limits of precision that I had to work with.

Today I finished making the last of the tweaks for my presentation aside from the sponsor slides where I'm going to wait as long as I can for logo files. The last graph that I wanted to add in this time around shows pleasantly tight data around a regression line showing how coffee mass at blanch point changes depending on how long it takes to get there (3 to 7.5ish minutes: that covers the vast majority of production roasts of specialty coffee).

My cat is like Clippy. "I see you're trying to eat breakfast. Would you like to pet the cat?"

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