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As usual I'll be working with the people putting that event together to figure out how the class needs to be adapted for the given venue (how many stations are we running, what's the class size, incorporating feedback from the last time I delivered the class, &c.)

I've been invited and have accepted the offer to teach at the next Roasters Guild Retreat outside of Atlanta, GA this August. I'll be delivering my class twice back to back, which means my throat will be raw by the end of that day.

I left the house early today to reduce the navigating around utility work burden and to catch up on some things at the shop. The cat was mid-nap and lifted herself up a bit to express displeasure at my leaving as usual, but probably went right back to sleep after I left. Got breakfast and a loaf of good bread at the bakery. Caught up on sample roasting (still have to cup things). Spent too much time on phone calls (I hate phone calls).

Figured out where I want all my graphic changes on the next video and approximately what those should be. Now I just need to go through and script that, do a recording, editing, exporting a file to upload, checking, uploading, and publishing.

Ordered another thousandish pounds of coffee today. I still have sample roasting and cupping that I need to catch up on, too.

Okay, but seriously, why is the compose key not just a standardized key that's available and properly labelled on all keyboards? It's way more useful than, say, caps lock. (mine is mapped to right control)

Everything, of course, includes everything in the graph as well. That's not a static image and elements can be hidden, shown, animated, zoomed, transformed, and the like. The milestone markers will need a slight repositioning at the smaller size.

Thinking of maybe doing something like this for a future video. The segment title animates when it changes and everything you see has a banquet of script bindings.

listen buddy...if you thought there was anything that could stop me from drawing Catra in early 2000's Avril Lavigne outfits, you're hella wrong. #SheRa #spop #mastoart #creativetoots

"Difficulty" as a person with ADD:
- Learning about obscure programming concepts by reading old papers: "This is fun!"
- Unearthing old peer-to-peer architecture stuff and documenting it: "It's tough but I like it!"
- Working on decentralized system and programming language design: "I could do it for days!"
- Submitting an invoice so I can get paid: "Oh my god this is the hardest task ever how could anyone ever do something so difficult"

reminder: if you want an ebooks bot but don't wanna host it yourself, you can pledge the $2.50 tier on my patreon and i'll do it for you! you'll be able to set things like posting frequency (even to weird stuff like once a day or every 12 minutes), content warnings, accounts it should follow, and more!!

Did a little clean up on the graph showing roasting plans for a class I've been teaching lately. Temperatures are based on what they'd be on my machines locally and should probably be removed because it's the timing of event milestones that's important here and those are going to happen at different temperatures on different machines with different probes in different places. It's cooler in interactive form.

Whatever happened yesterday, after getting it back up and running, nvidia graphics are still ridiculously unstable even after all the updates that are available so I'll be switching over to Intel graphics for a little while and I'll deal with sorting this out later.

I don't have to talk on today's teleconference. I probably didn't need to show up at all, but it tends to be useful for me to know what happens at these.

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