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Further investigation into the whole new roaster isn't working situation reveals that it's reporting a motor fault. :cirnoCry:

While the roaster isn't working, it does come in a very nice case. Basically roller luggage with a foam insert cut to hold the machine, its parts, and a stack of sample cards securely. Pretty sure it's sized appropriately to be a carry on bag.

... and it's not getting through its pre-heat :mastodon_oops:

The grocery store I shop at regularly has an affordable pack of pre-sliced veggies that they claim is for fajitas, but it's a good mix for a low fuss stir fry. I think I'll have that after work today.

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DHL got the new roaster to Milwaukee early enough this morning to get it out for delivery today. I don't know where I am along their route, but if it shows up today that's a day sooner than the original estimate (from the manufacturer, not from DHL themselves who thought it would be delivered 3 days ago)

Wotan's expression as he watches the kitten run around

Some excerpts from episodes of Coffee and Code that might have more interesting titles.

The coffee roaster doesn't seem to be moving any closer over the weekend so I'm guessing it's not going to show up Monday, but Tuesday is probably likely. The manufacturer originally said it would show up Tuesday, but maybe a little sooner or later depending on customs. It was DHL who initially came up with a Friday estimate that turned out to be unrealistic. Now they're not even trying to provide an estimate. I'm sure CBP is just confused trying to keep track of what tariffs are in effect today

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Not only does oat seem to be more compatible with my drink line than almond, it's also not going to raise the same kind of allergy flags that an almond milk offering would. Food allergies are a serious concern.

Trying some additional drinks with the oat milk I'm testing as a candidate for a non-cow, non-soy option. It's passed all of my hot drink tests so far, so next I'll be moving on to the cold drink tests. Staff has been asking people who ask for almond milk (it's always almond milk they're asking for) if they're set on almond or if some other non-cow, non-soy option would also be acceptable and they're at least saying that some other alternative would be acceptable. Real test will be if they buy.

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