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Some of the equipment in this game is ridiculous. I now have Reimu equipped with a giant pink bunny themed chainsaw and a super saiyan mushroom. At the start of each floor she gains giant status.

Helped the cat avoid falling off the couch. She seemed to appreciate that.

@neal "Hey Uncle Quark, don't all these hyumins in this history book look like Commander Sisko?"

"All hoomahns look the same."

Would have bought more groceries but there were 0 carts available. Where were the carts? I don't know, but not in the store. No baskets either so I limited myself to what I could hold in my hands. After cat litter, that's not much.

Yesterday's attempt at matching my sample roasting spec on the IKAWA resulted in coffee about 4 points lighter than I want and sensory confirms I want to push to a slightly hotter temperature. It's close enough I could still make a buying decision off any of those, but I'd rather put the time in up front to tweak the program and get exactly the results I want.

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Once the new espresso machines are installed we're going to have one of our extremely rare sales. Probably 50% off all drinks for a few days as thanks for customers putting up with us being messed up lately.

I think I may have finally convinced everybody I'm expecting stuff from to put that stuff on a truck. This was much harder than you might expect.

Brewed a pot of the puer and shared that with staff. It was good. I don't think I've ever had a puer this young. (which reminds me that I have some at home that I should really get around to drinking)

is there an Attention Bajoran Workers bot? because there should be

@neal weird related fact I learned recently - Quantum Leap was developed from the original plan for the Battlestar Galactica 1980 revival which would have involved Apollo and Starbuck going back in time each week to solve problems after finding Earth.

I put the controller down to check my fedi notes and this happened.

Idea for a TV show: Quantum Leap except it's Ben Sisko having adventures through time and space in this sequel to DS9.

Tonight's backyard friend is an awesome opossum.

Coffee that I had a DO on last week from a company I haven't worked with before? It seems nobody thought it was important to actually PUT THE COFFEE ON A TRUCK so it might get delivered some day. In a week, nobody at the warehouse thought, "hmm... this coffee's been staged for pick up for a while, maybe someone should look into that." Not the best first impression for a company.

Did some more test batches on the IKAWA, this time attempting to do a profile match against my standard sample roast on the IR-1.

Here's a really great guide to running your own (small) social network:

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