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(Please RT) How would you feel about news publications hosting their own Mastodon instances?

How to drink coffee:

Step 1: Get ALL your cups.

It looks like I might have a shortage of station instructors for my next class so I've been working out equivalent roasting plans for the IKAWA that can be done ahead of time with minimal coffee to fill in on the tasting side. One of the nice things about this is that I can publish those plans for people to replicate the exercise with their own coffees.


$28 to see 15 movies from 11 countries, most from 2017-2018, but also a 2015, a 2016, and a 1960.

The last time I tried the tickets weren't on sale yet, but I tried again today and was able to buy tickets for the local university's foreign film series. I've signed up for what is historically their least popular show time.

Are you a good cat?

Best Voyager character?

work (-) 


Are you a good cat?

re last boost: I got to swim with sharks while doing rainforest studies in Panama ages ago. They were good sharks.

Do you guys like sharks?

An awesome art zine I participated in just dropped today, and all proceeds to towards shark conservation!

Get it here for as little as $1!

#mastoart #zine #artzine #swimonzine #sharks #sharksarefriends #conservation

Best Voyager character?

I'm not completely sure, but I think the cat can tell when WiFi is down.

The server that's running on is probably a little too under-powered. It's managed to eat all the swap, <100M free RAM, lots of ENOMEM going on.

My first test use is letting instructors decide which coffee roasting machine they want to use for my next classes. Hopefully they find that this works for them, but if it doesn't I'm prepared to take email replies and fill things in myself. Probably there will be some people who just flag me down at the event and sort it out last minute.

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