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candy violence 

Put the new Kenyan coffee on the web site last night, got an order for some this morning.

The cat was very interested in the snow my shoes brought in.

Someone had a little chat with me about old keyboards because she saw my flashy new keyboard and I told her how I keep destroying laptop keyboards. She learned on a Selectric.

Finally got around to adding the latest new coffees to the shop's web site. Also figured out what this year's Holiday Blend is going to be, but that's not available for sale yet. Hopefully I'll be able to finish up the work that needs to happen with that before it goes out for sale some time tomorrow.

Guess not. Orders are roasted, packed, and I'll be dropping those off at the post office soon. If orders come in later today, the earliest they'll go out is tomorrow.

I think today is the first day that the shop's web site has had multiple (2 so far) orders arrive on the same day. Anybody else need some coffee?

@neal the racing sausages are a metaphor for the human condition

@technomancy @mwlucas soon I will begin livetooting my first experience watching Deep Space Nine, maybe next week.

cc: @bgcarlisle

Remember that episode of Star Trek where Bones finds that the solution to the ship's medical problem is to get everybody drunk? We should have an episode where that solution is discovered at the start of the episode and we get to see everybody trying to run a starship when they can't even walk straight.

(we don't sell the empty coffee sacks, suggested donations are on the honor system, and non-profits are welcome to just take them if they have a use for them.)

Someone just donated $100 to the food bank in exchange for an empty coffee sack. We usually ask for a $3 donation so that's quite generous.

(The important part of all of this, of course, is bringing back HyperCard. Everything with enough RAM/CPU/Storage should have some kind of end user programming capability pre-loaded. If you need the extra space to add that, just get rid of the Facebook app, nobody uses Facebook anymore and its presence immediately brands you as un-cool.)

Back in the early days of the Mac, basic mouse skills weren't common. One way Apple sought to help with that was by shipping a HyperCard stack that walks people through pointing, clicking, double clicking, and drag and drop. Now that we're in the age of undiscoverable gesture interfaces, could Apple help people get the most from their machines by pre-loading HyperCard with a stack showing people to two handed three finger unpinch to feed the fish?

The new keyboard has linear red switches, so I guess I like keyboards for girls. :cirnoShrug:

I'll probably need to bring in a mouse because reaching up over the keyboard to reach the trackpad is awkward, but I'm pretty sure I have some spares that'll work.

The new thing is one of those fancy gaming keyboards with a bunch of features that I don't need, but I tried typing on all the keyboards at the store and picked the one I liked the feel of best.

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