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The other is maybe putting a Roasting Styles Exploration sample kit up for pre-order. I figure I could do one version of that with roasted coffee and supporting information and another version that also includes some green coffee so home roasters can either try to replicate their favorite sample or hypothesize a different approach tailored to their preferences.

One is doing a ticketed event at the shop where I can give a more general audience version of the class (change up the lecture, no roasting, simplify the tasting).

Lately I've been thinking of pre-roasting some of the stuff I want people to taste in my next class for more reliable results and hopefully to provoke better conversations around those. If I do that, there are a couple of follow on things I'd like to do since I'll have already done the hard part:

Did some more layout design for the ebook, also took delivery of 7 boxes of new shelving that I am not going to try to assemble tonight.

The real question is if all the University’s hot water fountains are going to offer me free hot water, why there isnt a single place I can spend twenty cents for a teabag?

Tired: Gonzo journalism

Wired: Statler & Waldorf journalism

Hired: Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem journalism

cat: what are you doing and why isn't it petting the cat?

Smart Mart (local organic/health food store that just opened recently on the other side of town) started selling my coffee today. Hope that goes well for them.

Pro tip: you're not on an episode of Frasier. Don't order coffee as if you were. (every place has a menu; using words that exist on that menu improves the odds that you get what you want and avoids turning the ordering process into a game of 20 questions)


Tonight's grocery run is the most disappointing one since that time when not 1 item in the ice cream section had cream listed as the top ingredient.

@cwebber I find that whenever I feel entangled in a web of architecture or code that I've woven myself, it's best to put down the keyboard, and go for a walk.

A shower can help, too.

Or preparing a snack. (If actually hungry, also eating the snack.)

You'd think that the fundamentals of software design were lofty and deep, but this is what I've learnt: walking helps to think, and a break helps too.

Why is everyone so mad at that episode of TNG where Spiderman's true identity is revealed to be Reginald Barclay

Tonight the cat is alternating between rolling around and hugging me depending on which room I'm in. These rooms will now be known as the rolling room and the hugging room.

I think I've figured out where to put a picture of my cat in the book. (What does my cat have to do with roasted coffee product development? Absolutely nothing, but cats make everything better.)

New decaf coffees are now available through the shop's web site. A couple days later than I hoped to get that up, but it's done now.

:promoted: :parrot:

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