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Nintendo: just have fun and relax :)) #ACNH

Nintendo: but watch out for the huge aggressive arachnids!!

Nintendo: also maybe you should think of investing? Your investments could just go up in flames, but you should try it!!

pol idea 

Someone should probably talk me out of this.

Oh my, it looks like I might really be able to build everything I need server side out of shell scripts. curl and jq gets me most of what I need.

Cat was talkative after work. Asked if she was a good cat and she seemed offended by the question.

covid + 

I'm still waiting on some feedback from my review team, but I'm thinking I might push off the book launch until at least April 1 even if that feedback is prompt enough to get the book out sooner. The local sales tax rate is changing (going down) effective that date and that'll save me the trouble of needing to change the tax calculation data so soon after launch.

My alderman stopped in to buy lattes for everybody working at one of the local pharmacies. We're also doing lots of coffee roasting today. It looks like we'll be switching over to the next lot of Kenyan coffee soon so I'll have to figure out how I want that roasted.

Looks like the May Miku concert has been rescheduled for September. Hopefully other stuff doesn't get rescheduled to a conflicting date.

The cat thinks I should stay home and nap with the cat, but there's lots of coffee to roast.

Coworker is listening to the Frozen soundtrack because why not

Mailed a gift certificate. We're not at the point of begging people to buy gift certificates, but I'm certainly not going to turn down the sales.

Next box shipping out previously contained infused dried cherries. The contents are now coffee.

Another tea box containing coffee went out today. I may have finally memorized the box dimensions.

Lots of empty shelves, but cat food was available. For human food, there's stuff I would have bought had it existed, but I can just eat different foods than planned. Did not strictly need anything that's unavailable at the 1 store I checked. Also got my mom broccoli because she forgot that on her last trip.

I haven't been to a grocery store since panic buying set in, but I need cat food so I'm going after work. Wish me luck.

Also got what I think is the first online order from someone in the same city. Have had a few from nearby counties but far enough away that I wouldn't want to do the drive either, but it's mostly been people who are farther away.

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