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Here are the graphs. B-1 has a 15.71% mass loss and the ground coffee measures 53.7 on the Agtron gourmet scale. B-2 has a slightly higher 15.86% mass loss and a slightly lighter 53.9 degree of roast. Those post-roast measurements are closer than some roasters get trying to follow the same plan but these are clearly very different roasts.

Going through the roasting data for tomorrow's class and I'm really excited about the B-1 and B-2 pair. I roasted these to the same ending temperature but according to extremely different roasting plans (B-1 is a pretty extreme profile), ending up with ground degree of roast and percent mass loss measurements that are almost identical, so it's a great example to show the limits of using those numbers as a proxy for consistency. I think I need to add another slide for this pair.


Saw large urban wildlife leaving my back yard today.

Was looking at the quarantine area of the puzzle exchange and saw a set of 5 puzzles. Four of them have shorelines. The fifth has no water except in cactus form. I guess there are only four places in the world with water and they just can't do that as a theme in a 5 puzzle set.

In these uncertain times, Wotan is committed to providing you with a safe and reliable cat pic experience

Because he cares

Just saw a web site where the main text was in some wingdings or similar font (I think by accident because it's usually not) so if you want to read it, the easiest way to do that is to copy the text and paste it into a plain text editor (so as to not preserve the font).

An update just hosed the encrypted vault that had my passwords in it. Little help, NSA?

Last night I took a nap with the cat pretty much immediately after work, woke up while the sun was still up and it took a while before I realized it wasn't this morning and I should make dinner instead of breakfast.

Last night I finished up a first play through of Deemo Reborn. Overall I enjoyed that. The puzzles were pretty easy for the most part and some of the ones that could have been less obvious provide alternative clues if you're attentive. The rhythm game sections didn't block me from making progress, though that likely will stop me from getting the platinum trophy. Haven't tried the VR mode yet.

It looks like I have a couple repeat attendees in my next class. I'm hoping that's more of someone in a company deciding that this was a useful training experience and sharing that with other people they work with and just re-using the same attendee information and not people failing to realize that they signed up for the same class twice. It's not uncommon for people to decide they want to re-take a class from me, but that's usually 4-12 months later, not 1 month later.

Video game reviews, but they're based on how a cat reacts to the game.

Today I shipped a box of coffee to Hawaii. Was surprised to see that USPS priority mail claims it only takes 3 days to get it there.

Last caller sounded very disappointed to hear that we don't do local delivery.

Today I got a couple cheap signal generators so I can add more hardware support to Typica without needing to rip apart a coffee roaster. I'd rather always work with real systems because those often have quirks that can be coded around if you know they exist, but that's not always practical.

Needed to take a break from the roasting to take a box to the post office since they no longer have the lobby open 24 hours a day. I'll have to stay late to get the work finished.

There's still a little time to get in on that. Participants in the US get a quarter pound each of 10 different roasts of the same coffee (5 different ending temperatures, 2 different roasting plans to get to each of those end points) plus a pound of the same coffee unroasted so the price is surprisingly low even if you just wanted to drink the coffees and had no interest in my lecture. (this is what sponsors are for, thanks Pacific Barista Series)

Today I'm roasting the coffees for my next online workshop. It's a smaller group this time so I'm doing smaller batches.

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