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That ~50 is 55 lines as I typed it, but that includes things like blank lines for readability and no golfing.

Someone asked me about the possibility of getting support for another piece of hardware in Typica. I don't like to write code for hardware that I don't have, but Typica's feature set is sufficiently ridiculous that I was able to throw together what's basically a device driver in ~50 short lines of not quite JavaScript that can be pasted into their roaster configuration and we'll see if that works for them.

Big orange cat seems to be a regular evening visitor to the back yard.

Competition coffee is no longer available to buy through the web site. Anybody who wants some will need to either pick it up in person or place an order over the phone during normal business hours. I still have half pound bags and a couple pound bags left from today's batch, but I don't want to accidentally sell more of this than I have while I'm asleep.

Last batch roasted. I'll probably disable web orders for that some time tonight, but phone orders will be accepted as long as the coffee still exists (won't be long and it'll be what was roasted today).

The guy working on my house accidentally locked the cat away from her stuff so that was an unpleasant surprise when I got home.

I'm roasting my last batch of the competition coffee tomorrow so if anybody was thinking about placing an order for that, now is a good time.

Reminder that Janeway murdered Tuvix and the Voyager was worse for it.

Big orange cat wandered through the yard while I was making dinner.

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Finally finished writing an article on how I approached roasting my latest coffee. There's also stuff in there about the weird world of coffee roasting competitions.

A service dog came into the shop today and asked for pets so I got to pet the dog.

One of today's deliveries included a cat sticker. :patcat:

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Another order came in on the web site as I was packing the orders that went out today. I'm leaving the new one for tomorrow as I'll roast some fresh stuff for that.

The film starts with a close up of a cat wearing a lab coat with what at first appears to be the name of the movie, "Paging Dr. Cat." The camera then pulls back and to the side to reveal the full name, "Rampaging Dr. Cat."

It looks like a substantial fraction of my income for October is going to be refunds/reimbursements from past purchases: my roasting competition entry fee is getting converted into cost of goods that the shop will pay me back, the insurance company is refunding my deductible from when my car got rear ended, and there's a refund from a concert that got cancelled (last I read they were hoping to reschedule to April, but now that's not happening).

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