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Updated the shop's web site with upcoming deviations from normal hours. We're closed Thanksgiving (Nov. 26) like always and and this upcoming Thursday we're taking a half hour that's a bit ambiguous as to exactly when that's going to be because it'll coincide with water utility work being done in the area.

Once my box escaped from Germany it arrived very quickly, so now I have a new musical thingy to play around with.

Tried a production test batch of the latest decaf Brazil as a medium roast today (it's been our used for our decaf French Roast for a while now) and that was good so it's available in store and online now.

I've been putting off the grocery run for a while now (meals have been a little creative), but the cat needs supplies so I can't put that off any longer.

If it were any other Star Trek series, you would have never seen that cat again.

I feel like Chester is under-appreciated in the Deep Space 9 fandom.

If the 2nd half of the month is half as good as the 1st half of the month, November will end up as the best month yet for online sales at the shop. Some day I'd like to be able to put some more time into further enhancements as I put that together as just the minimum I could safely and securely do just to see if anybody would use it. Now that I know people will, there are several areas where that can be improved.

Day 9 since the box I'm tracking got packed (it was supposed to get delivered Tuesday, then it got rescheduled to Thursday, now nobody knows): it's still lost somewhere in Germany.

Can anybody tell me if a Playstation 5 is larger or smaller than a typical old timey laserdisc player?

Saw in the puzzle exchange recently a puzzle featuring a cat on a table next to an unfinished jigsaw puzzle of a cat.

Last night's dream featured a deer head with a blue face, flowy lavender hair, and a pair of fangs. It was the obviously fake head of the highly improbable vampire deer.

One of the lawyers in town was running a promotion where people who bought estate planning would get a gift certificate to my shop and I guess people are going for that deal, so that's nice.

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The local paper put up that video of me talking about what it's like running a small business in a construction zone during a pandemic. I haven't watched it to see how they edited that, but am pleased to see that they've made their web site far less awful than it used to be.

I could see the expiration date on the wallet card through the mailer window so there was no suspense there.

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