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cat: look at me, I've got stuff on my face and I can't get it off.
cat: oh, you want to help? let me give you a tour of the house first.

I'm not sure why the cat thinks my elbow is a good pillow.

“I had 99 problems but… then I got a dragon and burned them all, so really I’m doin’ pretty good. Got no complaints.”

I'm not at all surprised by this. The place has been mis-managed for a long time, pulling stuff like kicking out long time tenants right after they've done a contractually required renovation because a bigger store (that's also not there anymore) wanted the space, vending machines to compete with their food vendors, bad rent terms that make it really hard for smaller stores to break even, &c. So it's mostly empty. Unless you want Miku shirts or pretzels.

The vaccination site that I went to was set up in what used to be a big store at the mall. The mall has definitely seen better days, but here's what you can buy at the local shopping mall: Hatsune Miku shirts, big pretzels. That's about it.

Got my vaccination appointment reminder email today. Getting jabbed tomorrow.

Email from a company that offers an expensive proprietary competitor to free software I wrote before they started: Our new feature solves another problem!

Me: Yes it does, that's why I implemented it in my software over a decade ago.

Just in case anybody gets the wrong idea that you can't run Windows malware on Linux, don't get too smug. Wine can totally run a lot of that stuff.

Today's attempt at trying to trick me into running Windows malware on Linux is a fake Office Depot receipt. I've never given them that email address nor asked for an emailed receipt, but I'm pretty sure they don't send those as Excel spreadsheets. *delete*

My suppliers still don't have all the coffee I want to buy, but I'm having shipped some coffees from Colombia and Guatemala that I had previously contracted (about 1400 pounds). I'm also getting a very expensive coffee from Ecuador that'll be my next limited edition offering.

So, cats, right?

It looks like I still have the high score in @chest_bot

Who will knock me off the top of the leaderboard?

I have a vaccine appointment. The site I registered with has a very bizarre failure mode if you try to use Firefox to get the appointment and I can't for the life of me figure out how they managed to break things in the very specific way that they did (using Chrome, you enter your registration code and get the page to choose your appointment.With Firefox, it instead takes you to the survey for doing the initial registration and errors out a few pages in because you've already done that step).

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