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It's from a sponsor of my next online class. Everybody who signed up for that gets an electric gooseneck kettle (in white according to the shipping notice), a cupping spoon, a scale, a double wall glass dripper, and a glass server.

I just got a big box of stuff. It's got a bunch of fragile and glass stickers on it, so of course the box is smooshed, but shaking it a bit I think inside the box is well enough packed that everything should be fine.

The cat has moved one of my hair ties. Reached out, grabbed it, put it down in front of her face, and now she's just looking at it.

Just got my vaccine appointment reminder email. Getting my 2nd jab tomorrow afternoon.

Another couple thousand pounds of coffee got delivered today. There's a couple new things in there that I'll be working on figuring out.

Well, this is peak Qiqi. Anything that could theoretically be done to improve her damage can't get done in time to use it. Pretty sure this is the new world record for single hit Qiqi damage, but would love to see if someone has done better. 305,672 for those who can't tell in the small image and don't want to expand it.

I made a guide for a contest. It's on how to deal >300,000 damage with Qiqi in , but I tried to make it entertaining for people who don't care about that as well. I don't talk in it.

I saw the cat slip while trying to go up the stairs. She was offended by my being nearby to see that, but I'm petting her now so she forgives me.

This version of Pyro Qiqi is now obsolete. She's now capable of dealing over 300K. This is far enough over what I've seen anybody else do that I'm more confident in thinking I might have the world record for highest damage hit with Qiqi, but if anybody can point me at an example of a more powerful Qiqi I'd love to see that.

Just heard someone give the instruction: "yeet, but in a circle."

Stirring. They were stirring a drink.
Use this knowledge well.

Copyeditor two years ago: "Please, never ever send me anything like #savagedBySystemd" ever again. EVER."

Copyeditor tonight: "Given a choice between SbS or TLS and SNMP, write all the explicit porn you want."

My next online coffee roasting class has officially sold out!

I think I might have the highest publicly shared damage from Qiqi. This is from a no food practice run last night after I changed up my combo, making it both more effective and more difficult to execute consistently. Tonight I'll be getting her to out-damage my Hu Tao.

I don't know what the current world record is for most damage dealt by Qiqi, but I think I'll end up well over the most I've seen and there will still be room for improvement.

The answer is yes. I did a no food test run last night of a modified combo that brought damage over 191K and further improved her build this morning. I can do a little more after work and then I'll do a proper run where I should have no problem dealing well in excess of 200K with this character people say is "just a healer". (I made a poll in a post showcasing her doing over 189K and already most respondents say that's more than their proper damage dealers hit for)

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