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Unloaded a few thousand pounds of coffee. The paperwork somehow still has a dead person as the contact. I should really get my supplier to fix their records on that.

Hmm... Should I take my parody account and turn it into a real life actual brand? I could do that and have the advantage of it not needing to make money.

Today's spam included a Chinese company that specializes in US imported ICs (which they promise are totally legit). Of course, if I as someone in the US needed ICs that were made in the US, it seems highly unlikely that the best way to get those on any dimension would be to get chips that had already been exported from the US to China and then having those shipped back from China to the US. Also, I'm not sure if they know what "honorary title" means in English.

Yesterday's tasting went on longer than expected so I'm doing production test batches on new things today. More coffee is expected to arrive after the weekend so next week will also be busy with sorting out how I want to deal with new things.

Secret to success in certain kinds of video games: 1. choose to play the cutest healer girl 2. allocate all your skill points into fast damage dealing (not into healing).

I'll be fleshing this out later, but anybody who wants parody coffee company toots can follow to get that soon.

I think I'll run production test batches on both a light and a dark roast, see how those do as drip brews, maybe sell this one two ways.

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Then there are other coffees where different roasts taste different, but you can pretty much just do whatever and you'll get something nice out of it. You might like what you get more or less depending on how you roast it, but it'll still be better than what you would have gotten at the grocery store. Those are really my favorite coffees to work with because they highlight the role of the roaster as someone making intentional decisions guiding the flavor that is expressed in the cup.

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The first sip confirms the expectation that this is something that I can recommend for my home roasting customers. There are some coffees where there's a very narrow range where the coffee is excellent or maybe a couple disjoint ranges of excellence that are very different from each other but both credibly good. It's hard for me to recommend those to home roasters because it's likely they won't get good results, aren't buying enough to get good at roasting it, don't have the tools they need..

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Tasting my first series of roasts from the new Ethiopian coffee that arrived yesterday. For this one I've skewed my sampling toward the lighter side as that's what I expect I'll want, but I have 12 cups each at a different roast level across a broad range. Aroma is quite nice throughout the range, though the lightest 5 are closest to what I expect I'll want out of this particular coffee.

Game: When creating your character you can give them cat ears.
Me: :cirnoHi:
Game: All the head armor conceals the cat ears.
Me: :cirnoCry:

Accidentally dropped a glass on my toe. The toe was protected by a sock and a shoe and there won't be any lasting damage, but it's still painful.

New bags of coffee arrived with the claim of "Extra Hand Picked". It seems to me that coffee is either hand picked (which is basically all of it except in Brazil) or it isn't. I'm assuming they're just using a weird term for some extra manual sorting, but that's not what the words they've chosen to use mean.

Game: You should really team up with another 4 players and take on this dungeon in co-op.
Me: Nah, I'm just going to solo that.


I voted. Am wearing my I voted sticker.

Started on a new game a few days ago. On the one hand the controls are terrible. On the other hand, I just got a cute dog-like pet to follow me around.

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