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Agreed to do a short coffee roasting lecture at a poetry event next month. I'll also be busting out the Chemex and doing pour overs throughout.

The cat is shoving her head into an empty mug.

New shopvac filter arrived. The one I got at the local hardware store was awful so I'm looking forward to getting the new one in and catching up on some cleaning. This is that order where I added on some sticky notes to bring the order up to get free shipping so of course the filter and the sticky notes are shipping separately. I wonder how much they lose on extra postage for cheap things that wouldn't have been ordered if it weren't for the cut off for free shipping being where it is.

Removed Holiday Blend from the web site. There's still a little bit available on the shelf if you're local, but I don't intend to make any more. There'll be a new recipe toward the other end of the year.

People were setting off explosives last night, but at least everything was audibly distinct as fireworks, not gunshots. It's harder to tell some years.

Today's spam wants me to buy into automated cryptocurrency trading as an "Insanely Easy Way To Become Rich In 2021". I'm thinking that if I had a time machine to go back to the year 2021, I could probably sort out something better.

It's that time of the day when the cat uses my elbow as a pillow. She thinks that's relaxing.

Outlined another book. I still need to get the last one I wrote out for sale. There are a couple of open questions that I want to resolve before I seriously start on the next one so I'll just let it stew for a bit while I work on other things. I kind of want to do something weird with the first section but I don't want to spend too much on research equipment so I might be looking to see if someone can hook me up with some machines I don't currently have access to.

Tossed a pack of sticky notes onto an order to bring the total up to a value that qualifies for free shipping. The total with the sticky notes was less than the total without so it's like I'm getting paid to accept sticky notes.

Tasting exploratory roasting on the next decaf Colombian coffee. Nice chocolate notes. Crazy huge sweet spot where there's not a ton of difference regardless of where in the range you land. Makes it easy to recommend to home roasters if I had any who were interested in decaf as customers, harder to pick out where I want to aim that for production.

The cat has been trying to toot lately, but my instance doesn't let her post 6000 dots in a row.

New license plate stickers arrived, but it's raining so I haven't put those on yet.

Found a USB stick that's been missing for a while. Even with a phone strap attached to it (which is essential because otherwise there's no place to grip it on some of the things I want to plug it in to) the thing is too small.

The new hardware for the coffee roaster that took 8 months to ship. Do you need 1000 measurements per second to roast coffee? No, but it opens up some possibilities and a 24 bit ADC is vastly preferable to some of the stuff I've used.

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