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YouTube thinks I'm not connected to the Internet, so they delivered a page asking me to connect to the Internet. Delivered over the Internet. Which was successful, because I'm already connected to the Internet.

Tried the new classic mode in Tetris Effect. Enjoyed the music, but kept trying to fast drop the pieces, which of course doesn't work. (it's been a while since I've played NES Tetris)

The cat has switched from sitting on my phone to sitting on me.

Surprise coffee delivery. (I knew it was coming, I just didn't know it was out for delivery today,) A bit unorthodox as the skid arrived in such awful condition that the driver couldn't remove his jack, so I did sort of a crap job of unloading that to get him on with the rest of his day faster and now I can finish the job properly. It's all additional bags of things I've already sorted out how to roast so I'll verify the batches but there shouldn't really be any product development work to do.

Tried the new coffee from India. As a light roast it had a neat apple note that unfortunately doesn't hold up well as the coffee cools. On the darker end of a medium roast that same note appears briefly as the coffee cools, but the best overall evaluation was on the lighter side of a dark roast where there's a lot of aromatic intensity, a bit of a spiciness, and it's solid from the first sip all the way until it's cold.

Got to have a little chat today with one of the English teachers I had back in high school. That was nice. She was one of the few teachers I had who I felt wasn't trying to waste my time.

Putting together a little external utility for someone who uses Typica. Trying to strike a balance between getting something out fast so he can start using it without waiting too long and trying to make something that feels better to use. There are a few features that weren't asked for that would also make it useful to me, so I might see about sneaking those in.

It turns out the flickering power last night was much worse for a good chunk of the city. I've come out pretty lucky. I have power, my family has power, my shop has power, all of today's staff has power. The next block over, all the businesses are closed and we've had a lot of customers avoiding their powerless homes, charging their stuff, doing their work from home, &c.

Just had about half a dozen 1 second power outages within half a minute. That was unpleasant.

I'll put some of each on the next order and see if I have customers who want to buy it.

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Got samples of Peruvian tea today. One green, one black, both delicious. The green tea is a little grassy but also a little sweet. It continues to be nice at longer extraction times and would likely be a good choice for people who like to do multiple infusions. The black is really interesting with melon aromatics and a bit of an apple note to the flavor. A slightly longer extraction time was recommended here compared with most of my black teas.

election fraud 

Wow, I just got text spam pretending to be voting information giving me the correct polling location, but the wrong date. Looks like someone doesn't want me to vote. (I'm totally going to vote.)

Closed out a few of my coffee contracts today. Next shipment is all just more of the exact same lots as I've had previously so there's no product development work to do with that unless testing the first batch reveals something weird happened in storage, which for this supplier is not something that I'm seriously concerned about, but it's a possibility and I'd be doing the testing anyway.

Today's dreams included a 1970s style cartoon that could have been used as marketing for PETA. I noped out of that one pretty fast and traded it in for some artsy thing in which a lady knocks at the door and hands an envelope to the person who answers. The envelope is opened and inside is an HTTP request. The lady is then allowed in and ends up walking through a forest in like a magical princess type dress. Both of those were new.

Today's spam includes a message from a South African email address trying to phish access to my non-existent account at some cryptocurrency exchange. It was not a very convincing fake even if I did have the account they were trying to scare me about.

The secret to setting records in video games is to go for oddly specific ones that nobody else is competing for. I recently decided to see how much physical damage I could get out of Qiqi, or more specifically, the passive damage that Aquila Favonia deals when Qiqi takes damage. This is the best I could manage. I can't find evidence that anybody else has done better from this very specific damage source, but would love to see that if it exists.

I won a prize in an in game photography contest with this post containing some accurate yet questionable puzzle solving advice:

Mom sent a tech support request. Says her television isn't working right which for her really could mean just about anything, so I'll be trying to sort that out after work.

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