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Thinking of suggesting $20.91 as the price for this ebook.


A repeat order came in through the web site today. Different name. I think they just spelled it wrong last time.

Note for anime dub directors/ADR people: cache only has 1 syllable.


There's a giant raccoon making the rounds. I declined to run it over as it crossed the street in front of me.

More feedback coming in on the Roasting Styles Exploration Kit. An excerpt from the latest, "It really shows how dark roast is not evil"

Chapter 1 needs another relatively large section. Will try to write that today.

Some automated system just kicked out a three year old meeting cancellation email. The really strange thing here is that the mail server that sent that didn't even exist back then so I'm assuming someone is migrating something and tried to preserve pointlessly stale data through the process for some inexplicable reason instead of just cutting over to a fresh system.

The year is 2025

There are five browser cores:
- webkit
- chromium
- gecko
- servo
- youtube-dl, which ended up implementing a full-fledged browser in python to keep successfully downloading videos

Maybe they'll try ordering again once they figure out what their address is.

Refunded an order. I think they screwed up their shipping address. Also never replied to the email I sent letting them know that USPS returned the box and asking them how they'd like to proceed (I offered to either resend to a different address or refund the order). Given the lack of response, I decided to just issue the refund since I don't want to keep money for a product they clearly never received. Sent an email letting them know about the refund and reminding them why that was issued.

There's a group of teachers at one of the big tables designing some tests. The workflow and organizational techniques are very familiar from the times I've been involved in test writing.

Printed a fresh copy of the ebook for more editing. I prefer to alternate between work on paper and work on the computer.

One of my artist customers left his sketch book here. Everybody knows who that belongs to and he's in most days so I'm not worried about that getting back to him, but I do hope he knows where it was left and comes back for that soon.

Legitimate B2B calls start with who the caller is and what the caller wants. That allows the person answering the call to route that to the most appropriate person which may not be "the main manager," "the owner," or "name of someone who is retired and/or dead and no longer has any decision making authority at the business being called."

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