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saw a super fast raccoon running down the street on my way home

The hardest part of my day is explaining capitalism to my cat when he wants to know why I have to stop patting his head and leave the house.

I'll be getting the 10 pack of ISBNs so I may as well have some uses lined up.

Random thought of the day: what if I did a detailed write up of every coffee I worked with over the course of a year (or however long it takes to get enough material) and turned that into a book?

Ran out of breakfast food at home so I stopped at a bakery before work for donuts and a loaf of bread. Need a proper grocery run after work.

I might replicate those roasts again for the tasting component of a lecture I'm doing next month.

The last box of Roasting Styles Exploration Kit just sold. I'll be removing mention of that from the front page of the web site but I'll leave the document linked from the Sulawesi product page. PDF link below.

Fraud department phone person saw a ton of stuff that hadn't hit the web interface yet. Apparently whoever was trying to use our card had like 20 orders each for thousands of dollars of alcohol. All declined now.

So after the fraud department freaked out about a totally valid charge from a company the shop's purchased from many times, they failed to catch several thousands in fraudulent orders for wine.

How does an NES emulator use most of 12 cores and still stutter the audio on a machine that can emulate PS2 games just fine?

Results are very close. I think I'll also do 2 of 5 tests between each pair of roasts tomorrow and see if there's a legitimate tastable difference going on. If there isn't, it's harder to make the case that the variation matters.

I still have one more roast to finish and a bunch of measurements to take and numbers to crunch, but so far it looks like what I expected to see out of today's experiment is supported by the evidence (that one control strategy does, in fact, produce less variable results across different coffees, meaning I have a recommended practice for improving sample roasting consistency on that machine).

Doing some today. Given an automated coffee roasting system with two different parameters control can be based on, a plan on each such that events happen at the same time, same total roasting time, does one control strategy have less variation in degree of roast across coffees with different physical characteristics (moisture, bulk density, &c)? Let's find out.

Thinking of suggesting $20.91 as the price for this ebook.


The error message is ugly. I should fix that, but not today.

Fixed a problem with the online ordering where it would allow orders to be placed that can't successfully be charged under some circumstances. In one case I was able to fix the customer's input failure and process the order, but today's order couldn't be repaired and I just had to cancel it. Now the system should just reject the order with a meaningful error message and let the customer try again.

Thinking of suggesting $20.91 as the price for this ebook.


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