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Some water kettles that were backordered until tomorrow got delivered today. The same order had some less expensive kettles also backordered until tomorrow which have not yet arrived.

I've been regifted about a third of a box of peanut brittle. It's not bad.

Did some roaster maintenance today. Ended up using a surprisingly large number of tools to pull parts out and put them back in better.

The latest shipment of Earl Grey tea is fluffier so to keep the bag looking attractive the amount in the larger size bag will be reduced. The price will also be reduced so that it's the same price per pound as it was. Web site is updated, in store purchases will have the quantity/price swapped once we sell out of the previous shipment.

I had to tell people to go away and stop talking to me because I kept getting the math on the new price obviously wrong.

So last night's dream had several groups of characters who mostly weren't interested in each other arranged throughout an old Chinese mansion. There were a couple people going around with guns trying to loot the place but nobody really cared about them aside from sometimes begrudgingly unlocking a door for them. Then there was a gap and suddenly I was chatting with some of the non-looters in the Denver airport and I didn't have my luggage. Then I woke up.

In the pros column on the decision, surely my book would be out by then and doing more stuff like this might help with sales.

At this point I'd be looking at sourcing another coffee that works well for the class, designing a new set of roasting plans with that coffee in mind, updating the lecture with the new bleeding edge stuff I've got access to that didn't exist last time I taught the class (you wouldn't expect it, but I routinely operate about 2 years in the future), and then closer to the class time doing all of the roasting, packing, shipping involved in that.

I've been asked if I want to do another online roasting class in March/April. I'm a little on the fence here as I do enjoy doing that, but it's a huge amount of prep work.

We're advertising the results of the fundraiser as $685.86, but we've rounded that up to $800 plus another $25 check that someone left in the donation box. There are people who will see the not round number and decide to push the number up with a post-event donation.

Last night's dream had an unusually large cast of characters. Also, a huge hole in the plot.

Based on sales so far, it looks like this year's fundraiser won't bring in as much money as previous years one day version of the event (an unrealistically huge number of last minute online orders could change that), but it's still several hundred dollars. The food collection barrel, however, is a lot fuller than it often is.

Only about 9 hours left to get in on the fundraiser for the food bank. Orders placed before January 4 (Central time zone) will have 20% donated. Orders placed today will be roasted and mailed tomorrow.

Removed Holiday Blend from the web site. I'm not making any more of the 2020 edition of that blend.

There's still time to get in on the 20% of sales going to the food bank (that's going on through tomorrow) if you need some coffee and want that purchase to support a worthy cause.

I'm not going to do it, but some days I really feel like putting an extra word charge on the menu. You read the menu, order a chai, you pay the price for a chai, but the borderline nonsensical "chai tea latté" costs extra. Maybe also a surcharge for translation from starbonics.

Last of the limited edition Peruvian coffee sold today. I might have a different LE coffee around Valentine's Day.

tl;dr, co-op has a loading screen that murders my character before the battle even starts. Solo doesn't do that.

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