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cat violence 

Spam: This is your final notice.
Me: If only you meant that.

My sister left me donuts at work. That was nice of her.

Lots of boxes going out today. Two thirds of those boxes are all going to the same customer.

Saw a wine display advertising it as "locally produced" but also imported from a country half way around the world and like, yeah, anything was produced local to where it was made, but maybe that shouldn't be your global pitch.

Managed to forget I had groceries in the car on the way home from the grocery store. Thankfully, the cat reminded me.

Sadly, Amber is only at C2. Maybe some day I'll have a C4 Amber so I can have two dancing stuffed bunnies helping.

The team was Klee, Amber, Sucrose, and Qiqi.

Tonight in Spiral Abyss floor 9 chamber 2 second half, my Klee has returned to being my top single attack damage dealer, using a charged attack to deal 102,946 melt damage evenly split between a couple fatui (four star weapon and her artifacts aren't even fully levelled yet). Started her burst attack immediately after to get this image. Appropriate since nobody in the game knows more about punishment than Klee (since she spends so much time being grounded for fish blasting and whatnot).

If you're writing something and it's ambiguous whether BLM is Black Lives Matter or Bureau of Land Management, please consider spelling it out (you probably also need a rewrite or the help of an editor).

Today I got a strange text message from an unknown number advertising a free online comedy class with absolutely no information that would help me attend that had I been interested in doing so.

It's almost as if the "My Precious" achievement wasn't really designed with an overbuilt max level character with a long duration huge area of effect damage ability in mind. (I fire a few charged shots but none of them hit anything because all the enemies die before I can aim at them)

For those who can't tell what's going on, Klee's elemental skill, Jumpy Dumpty bounces right through the boss, leaving behind a minefield on the other side (the boss blocks it from view, but trust me, it's there). When the boss does its next attack it runs its flower head weak point right into those mines, taking pyro AoE damage, making the boss vulnerable and popping a recently added achievement.

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