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Found a cardboard box that works very well as a lap desk. Large enough to hold both my laptop and a full size keyboard (since laptop keyboards don't last as long as the rest of the laptop), rigid enough that I can move it easily, good working height.

Didn't completely finish the code I was working on today, but I got a good portion of it done and what I do have seems to be working correctly. Might pick it back up after dinner while there's a chance the design will still be in my head. I'm continuing the trend of the new code being simpler than what I wrote the last time I solved this problem so still feeling pretty good about this rewrite.

New power adapter for an old laptop arrived today. That fixed the power issue that developed a few days ago. Glad I could keep that running with a cheap fix.

CERN: Welcome back, Sir Tim.

TBL: Web's haunted.

CERN: What?

TBL aims Large Hadron Collider at his old NExT workstation. "Web's Haunted."


Today was a highly productive day of coding. It's a rewrite of stuff I'd previously written, but now there are relevant language and library features that didn't exist the first time around so I can write it smaller, simpler, and with fewer hacky workarounds.

me: *tries to play Tetris*
cat: *moves head between human and screen*

Got back a nice info dump in preparation for the next class I'm teaching. Assuming I get all the supplies I want I'm looking at doing 4 little coffee tastings throughout the class. One with 5 coffees, three with 3, but it's all the same coffee just roasted in specific different ways.

It's still about 100K lower than the biggest Qiqi hit I'm aware of, but this morning I set a new personal best in single target Qiqi damage. That's as far as I'm going to be able to push things without either a different combo setup or better artifacts so I think I'll be taking a break from cryo burst Qiqi and going back to my preferred physical build. Of course, my old best hit 3 targets so combined damage was higher there.

If I receive a phone call from an automated dialing machine with a recording that kind of sounds like a computer synthesized voice claiming to be an officer, can I say I hung up on robocop?

That hit for just under 283K used food. This hit for just over 291K did not. In other words, I just need to replicate this with food buffs to set a new personal best for single target Qiqi damage. But I'm mostly out of meat and fish so I'll keep play testing some options and see if I can get something better or close enough with easier execution requirements.

28 fragile resin worth of artifacts later... Still not pyro Qiqi level, but pretty good.

Having a tub of clearance ice cream. Hard to get the spoon in.

Finally getting around to working on a cryo burst Qiqi. As a baseline, this is still with her physical build and missing a lot of buffs that the full combo will have. If I can multiply that by 3, I'll have a new personal best. Better than that and I might re-take my world record. I feel like that might be possible.

Test batches of the new coffee from El Salvador turned out nicely. Both medium and dark roasts are a little lighter than the last time I had this coffee and the dark roast is going to be the lightest thing that I'm still calling a dark roast, so that might be a good option for people who want to try something darker than my medium roasts but don't want something super dark. When the dark roast is fully cooled it's reminiscent of a nice lapsang souchong.

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