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Talking with the other person who roasts coffee regularly, we both picked up on a thing that we didn't like about using #1 (already a big improvement over not using either) without #2 and introducing #2 seems to have made the issue go away entirely and since the whole system is running fast enough, the measurement lag isn't discernible.

Obviously the various parameters need to be adjustable as this sort of thing tends to need to be tunable to the specific roasting system and measurement hardware in use.

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The new filter worked better than I expected in a live data situation. This combines two ideas:

1. Sample the data as fast as possible and periodically solve at a slower rate a more regular linear regression as of the current timestamp with all measurements since the last time that happened.

2. Combine this result with an exponentially weighted moving average. I set an alpha of 0.34 based on messing around in a spreadsheet.

This turns out to be a very nice improvement.

Going to try out a new measurement filter at the coffee roaster. The hardware that I'm using isn't quite as nice as what I used to have there (which is no longer supported on anything other than Windows and maybe in theory some very specific but obsolete version of Linux/distro) but the sample rate is high enough that I can apply statistics to the problem. Did a test run in a spreadsheet to work out starting parameters, but I'll feel better seeing if it works live.

Aliexpress has somehow gotten the idea that I want to buy NES carts pre-loaded with ROM hacks.

Somehow failed at pouring myself a cup of milk. Put the milk back in the fridge and then noticed the cup was still empty.

Apparently after I left work one of the espresso machines had an electrical explosion. I should be able to get a good enough temporary fix in the morning, but fortunately I know exactly what the real fix is so I've gone ahead and ordered an inexpensive replacement part.

I'm working with another person on developing and delivering a new coffee roasting class for this event. This is reliably my favorite trade event to get out to and am looking forward to having some good conversations. Early bird discount is coming to an end soon. I'd mention CRG and SCA by handles, but I don't think they're on fedi.

Finished up a feature that I've been working toward for a little while. Visually it's not perfect, but it does what it needs to do and right now that's pretty much all I'm going for.

Decided to try out a new recipe as a later in the day thing where it's not a problem if it turns out to not be something that I can sell after all. While I'll see how it tastes when I'm done, I'm not particularly impressed by the recipe so far. I have a few ideas for recipe modifications that I might try next week.

The usual baker made a bunch of extra stuff that keeps a couple days before she left on vacation so there wasn't a lot of baking for me to do today. That gave me a bit of extra time to catch up on things like replacing water filters.

Trying out some new headphones and while it's not saying much I think this might be the nicest pair I've ever owned. I'll be going into the shop early to do the baking since the first two people in line for the baking are both on vacation for a little while. I handle that job better if I can blast some music.

While looking in entirely the wrong part of the code for that, I also ended up removing a couple dozen lines of code that could be replaced with 4.

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The problem was an out of date constant which should have been replaced with a variable but I missed it in one spot.

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Tracked down a bug and fixed it. The debugger was of no help.

Somehow ended up with a 100GB kern.log file on my laptop. That's fixed.

Needed to adjust the thermostat on the water heater today. I'll need to keep an eye on that as I've adjusted it to about half way between where it was set and the Hot setting. Instructions say don't go hotter than Hot despite the presence of 6 higher settings ending in Very Hot. I'm looking for hot enough for the commercial dishwasher to behave properly and not so hot that it's uncomfortable for humans.

Was able to get about a third of a new feature put together. The 2nd third is pretty much the same as the first third while the final third is tricky but optional. I might resume work on that after dinner.

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