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Got most of a feature working. It looks terrible and there's a little more to do on making it do the whole thing that I want it to do, but enough is done that I know that what I'm doing is going to work.

The cat thinks it's very important that she sit in my lap right now.

Another chunk of money as thanks for some free software I wrote came in today. I'll want to send a personal thank you email later.

Today has been one of those I start on doing something and that's the cue for everybody to have some weird thing they need my help to deal with. This is fine and I've at least been able to stub out what I want to work on so once I have time to come back to that I might have some aid to memory present.

I think it's for more than came in for the entirety of last year.

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Just got a very generous donation toward work on some software as thanks for some emailed tech support.

The cat knocked over some old lab equipment. The stuff is fine, the cat is fine, and she's starting to calm down from the excitement. I should really pack that back up until I need it again.

Ordered more coffee. I'll need to place another order from a different supplier in about 2 or 3 weeks.

Tasting a test batch of what's going to be the next Decaf French Roast. I'm out of the coffee I was using for this previously and I knew from previous work that a similar roasting plan would result in something rather lacking. So instead I went for what I'm pretty sure is the fastest I've ever pushed to that roast level, though a fair amount of that is front loaded as it's a relatively dry decaf.

Had an issue on the laptop today. Turns out the problem was DNS because of course it was. Temporary fix is in place, but I'll have to go looking for the real solution later.

The cat is currently fascinated with the shadows cast by outdoor bird activity.

So far today I've gotten photos of small dogs and giant coffee roasters. I'll call that a good start.

Trimmed the beard. My face now has less protection from the cat but it needed to be done.

Probably a good thing I did grocery shopping, both because the cat was otherwise at risk of running out of food, but also because I noticed while paying for the food that I'd left my phone on the charger at work (it had gone to 1% battery). Work is on the way home from food so I could pick that up instead of needing to turn around and go back (realistically I would have just left it there and people would just have to send email which I prefer anyway).

Needed to nope out of a dream. The house had been done up as a horror puzzle game and while I wasn't a player one feature was particularly stomach turning.

Today was supposed to be a work from home day but I popped in to do one batch in the roaster and then stayed to do some equipment maintenance.

Email from a theater says it's been a while since they've seen me (almost 2 decades by my recollection), which they should not be surprised by considering there's an ocean between us.

Drying off. Rain started after I decided to walk to where I vote instead of driving. Also, there's a cat in my lap.

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