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Got a calendar from some place that wants me to buy promotional objects to give away. All the pictures in the calendar are photographs of meat because nothing says "coffee and tea" like steak and ribs. :thinking_cirno:

Got an email today with the claim that, "explaining coffee to water ratio is ridiculously overwhelming and confusing." I tend to think it's more that some people (who want to get consulting $$$) explain this aspect of a coffee brewing recipe in an overly complicated way and the solution is more pragmatic explanations and encouraging people to do some simple tasting exercises, but let's put it to a vote.

Is C:W ridiculously overwhelming and confusing?

Considering taking the train for my April trip. I can take the Amtrak Empire Builder route from Chicago to Portland over the course of a couple days, see some good scenery, and I've never done that long of a trip by rail so it'll be a new travel experience for me.

Punk is a good cat. Tonight she wants lots of petting.

On the lighter side I was getting an absolutely glorious sugar bomb, but also an utter lack of body and too much celery. If I can come up with a roasting plan that boosts the body, kills the celery, and maintains or even further accentuates that sweetness, I've got a winner.

Did some product development cupping with a new coffee from Costa Rica today. This is from the same farm as I usually buy from, but instead of starting out on the patio and then moving to the guardiolas, this one is fully sun-dried and there's a huge difference in the available sweetness. I've roasted test batches of a medium and a dark roast, but I'd like to explore the light roast potential of this one a little farther.


Ordered another 84 pounds of mostly chai concentrate ingredients, but also some oolong tea.

well the people making unlicensed Halloween costumes seem pretty on top of it as we head into Fall...

Personally, I enjoyed swimming with the sharks of Panama. Those were good sharks.


cat: why are you cooking dinner when you could be petting the cat?
me: shut up, I'm hungry.

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