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Today I've been handing out forms so my employees can do their taxes.

I could do a simple filter on the logs before passing that in, but I'd rather still see that data, just in a separate panel.

Or even just Mastodon, which is pretty obvious in the logs and where I think a lot of that auto-traffic is coming from.

Is there a good way to get goaccess to separate out traffic that's auto-fetched by fediverse instances?

That face cats make when you scratch them just right.

Why does the computer sound like an airplane? Oh, it's apt-config.

I've reassured her that she handled the situation about as well as she could have and it's not her fault that the customer didn't like the facts.

There will be another Holiday Blend closer to the other end of the year. It won't taste anything like the most recent one.

One of my employees is trying to help some people choose a coffee, but it's hard because what they really want is Holiday Blend and the whole point of our Holiday Blend program is that it's an opportunity to create something that doesn't have to be available long term (and indeed I'm sold out of the coffees that went into that so I couldn't create more even if I wanted to) so there isn't something that's a clear, if you liked Holiday Blend you'll like X choice.

Hey Chicago people (and people who might visit), apparently this is a thing you can go to, for playing games and petting cats:

Had a productive phone call today. There might be a path toward continuing my work on the CSP. The people I was talking with need to take my ideas to a couple upcoming meetings and sort out some details, but if a couple key points end up as real things, it's a good first step toward addressing my concerns.

Atelier Rorona DX in the catacombs after the cut scene with the teddy bear it's possible to move Rorona without triggering her walk/run animation.

Cat wants me to pet the cat instead of eating dinner.

I did a lot of volunteer work as a kid building school computer labs out of stuff donated by local companies. The labs were obsolete when they were installed but better than what they'd been running. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of those labs haven't been upgraded since.

Knowing how obsolete school computer labs tend to be, I wonder if we've reached the point where many of these might have flying toasters now.

I think the new web site is finally at the point where there's more legit traffic than script kiddies scanning for non-existent vulnerabilities.

Marked a box of part. It's a controller where the NO terminals have turned into NO except sometimes C at random with no indication other than PV continuing to go up well past SV. Fine for doing short communications code tests, not so fine for keeping in production equipment.

Supplier web site was still down today. Have ordered from elsewhere because this is ridiculous.

That any single person walking away should be such a big deal is proof of my point: that we need to minimize the barriers to participation and have some mechanism for identifying the next generation of people to do this work, getting them the opportunities and mentoring so they can be effective when they step into the role I left, and providing incentive to do important work. The current direction has abandoned all of these.

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