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Got an email from one of the city licensing departments letting me know that they finally got a check that was mailed 76 days ago. During those 76 days they sent a letter saying we were late but that they were extending the time we had without penalty because they know everything is screwed up right now and I had carried a new check to a special box they have set up at city hall that bypasses the postal service (which apparently takes a week to get delivered to the right department).

While I didn't see the problem with it in the dream, I'm not suggesting that email servers should stream music to mail clients. I once had to use a cash register programming application that had background music and because every program in that niche is awful, the extra effort that went into that "feature" just made the deficiencies elsewhere all the more painful. Needed to remind myself to mute the computer before changing register settings.

Two dreams last night. In the first one I was working at a small ISP. Not much happened, but a major feature people used to choose their provider was the background music for email. In the second, I was walking around, not worried, but trying to figure out where I was.

The trade show I usually go to in April that got cancelled this year just announced that next year they're going to push out to end of September through start of October. That probably works out better for me next year and I haven't been to New Orleans that time of year before. Hopefully they don't get wiped out by a hurricane or something.

I narrowed in on a range of end temperatures from 434-446°F in which I had 4 distinct roasts. (context: start of 2nd crack is at 430°F). Tasting through that range from light to dark the flavors go from caramel sweet to bittersweet chocolate with a slight decline in overall perceived sweetness. Body gets heavier through the range, but in each cup it's smooth and well balanced. I'll try a production test batch ending at 440°F at about 15:30.

Tasted my test of the new Brazilian coffee. I was unimpressed by the light roasts, see how someone might want to go for the lightest one, but bright acidity and thin body aren't what I bought this coffee to get. The darkest thing I evaluated could work as a French Roast in a pinch, but I'm using a Guatemalan coffee for that right now that's better. The medium roast range, however, was quite good.

Ran the Brazilian coffee that got delivered today through the lab roaster. I have 12 different roast levels to taste tomorrow which I'll use to figure out how I want to roast that for sale. A verification roast of the coffee from Papua New Guinea also happened so I'll be tasting that as well. The PNG has the same mark name and ICO# as the previous shipment so this is just checking that nothing weird happened at the warehouse.

RPG Maker is taking version number inflation seriously. Now up to 1005 (MV).

Also in today's deliveries, Yoga Cats. The directions say to use water, but it's better with warm milk.

Today's deliveries included 25 pounds of cinnamon pieces. I use a lot of cinnamon in my chai concentrate.

Should I wear a mask for the author bio pic on the Roasted Coffee Product Development ebook marketing page?

Maybe I'll wear a mask for the author bio photo on the web site. I can always change that later.

Mostly finished the design update over the holiday weekend. I want a better author bio photo (for the design I just grabbed something convenient), some tweaks to the preview pages section, and I want to make sure it's not awful on phone browsers or if someone is idiotic enough to run their web browser full screen on something ridiculously wide.

Unloaded a truck of coffee. Now it's time for donuts.

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